Integrating Wyze Person Detection with Alexa may change Dog behavior

Have Person Detection turned on for several Wyze Cams that have an Alexa “Routine” which when triggered turns on my TV and displays several Wyze Cams on TinyCam Pro. It appears that when we had left earlier in the day the TV had turned on and was displaying the Wyze Cams in a dark room. My two Boxers jumped onto the couch and started watching the video of activities going on in front of the house. (The dogs are not allowed on the furniture by the way and we did not know they were doing this.) When we arrived home the Wyze Person Detection triggered both a verbal and written message on the TV and the showed us getting out of our vehicle. It appears that both of the dogs have connected the Alexa message that " A person has been detected on the “driveway cam”. with us coming home. In this case seeing us coming into the house on the TV may have also incented them to get off of the couch. Here’s a short clip of them doing this.


Both dogs seem to ignore the Alexa Person Detection messages for the back yard and only respond to the “driveway cam” alerts. And who says dogs can’t understand English words. LOL.
Now I’ve got to change the Alexa routine to not turn on the TV unless we are home. Maybe that will keep them off of the couch.


Cool. How do you make it turn on the tv?