Integrate Detection Settings Onboard Camera

Currently, Wyze Camera products DO NOT have integrated detection capabilities.

They require an active Internet connection which means those detection features reside somewhere else other than the camera that needs them built-in.

The current design is a SECURITY vulnerability.

Why? because when the Internet connection is dropped for whatever reason, the detection capabilities no longer function. I’ve tested this by powering off my router, and the cameras would not record my motion.

I tested it again by disconnecting my modem - while leaving my router on - and the same thing occurred: NO MOTION DETECTION.

There’s no reason why those features are missing. Even the Panasonic Homehawk will record motion and sound detections without requiring an active Internet connection.

And, no, continuous recording is NOT a suitable fix.

No one on the planet experiences 100% Internet connectivity or no interruption in power to their home or business.

By not having these features integrated, it limits its use. I might have a place where Internet is not available, but I want a camera to record motion and/or sound. I will not explain every scenario possible, however monitoring a distant barn, shed or garage is a prime example.

This is the reason why I never invested in more of these due to that issue alone. Wyze is NOT a serious competitor in the Security Camera business due to that SECURITY FLAW.


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