Instruction leaflets that can be read by older people

I do not understand why companies such as Wyze provide instructrion leaflets with their products, which are barely readable. It can not be about saving trees if they are printed on recycled paper and it could not be about the ink, whether the printer uses grey or black.
I do have a very hard time reading these instructions because the grey is washed out and depending on the lighting level, I have to bend and turn and sometimes even use magnifying glasses. So, please, if anything at all, use black ink and a larger leaflet (or an online link for instructions) would be greatly appreciated. I am sure that I am not alone.


Companies will likely never do this, and if they did, it would cost a little more money. We can find our own simple solutions though:

I often just take a picture with my phone then I can easily make it any size I want and read things easily.

Alternatively, you can usually download manuals online in PDF form, again making the text and diagrams any size you want.

I recommend both of these solutions. I use then a lot. We can’t get all the companies to change, but we can solve the issues ourselves fairly reasonably.


These days any physically printed material at all can be considered a bonus, unfortunately. And most of the time it just has a questionably accurate quick start summary and a link to a possibly defunct web site. Not saying it’s right…

At the risk of becoming “grumpy old man” before I turn 50, I have to agree with you 110%. It’s perhaps one of my biggest pet peeves. It’s not just Wyze, it seems like nearly every printed instruction I get with every new gadget is printed either too small, or too light. Not just leaflets either; I sometimes try to read the printing on the device itself to see its power output. (Did I pick up a 1A charger or a 2A charger? Kind of important with the Wyze Cam Pan). Even with my dollar-store reading glasses I sometimes can’t read them properly, especially when they are printed too small AND too light. Even my credit cards are this way, where I can barely read the CVV on the back because they chose to use different shades of grey for the lettering and the card. White lettering on a black background doesn’t seem to be so much of an issue as black/grey lettering on a white background.
I might seriously have to consider whether to get my cataract surgery done in the next year or so rather than 10 years out.

You mean that you don’t own a microscope?
I guess a real user manual is totally out then… LOL
I wonder how a company always thinks it’s best for the customer to have to roam the internet for advice from forums and communities rather than just put a user manual on a website that can be printed and saved.


I have lodged the same complaint some time ago and would hope that a company that is interested in selling great products and providing after sales support will listen to this complaint and take you up on your recommendation, which would be a 10 minutes job (per item) and make life so much easier for all of us who are vision challenged. One can hope. And I am hoping for a response from Wyze taking a position on this subject.

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I just got the new HMS core starter kit yesterday, and I have to say the instructions were large and really easy to read. Perhaps it’s coincidence or a special reason, but regardless of why, Wyze met the suggestion here to make the instructions for their new priority core product they want to focus on and have massive adoption with easy for anybody to read.