Installed Wyze Thermostat, Now Heat Doesn't Turn Off

I just got my Wyze Thermostat today. I followed the instructions for installing it on the app and with a few minor hiccups, got everything working.

However, I now have the issue of my furnace not turning off. Even if I turn on the AC my heat kicks on also. I double checked everything before I finished the installation. Is this a known issue or did I screw up somewhere?

Any help would be appreciated.

Post before and after pics of the wiring at both ends

After doing much research, I was able to fix the issue. This is what I did.

All of the wires were connected to the correct inputs. The problem was with the wires that were going into the C-Wire Adapter from the thermostat. The wires had too much exposed bare copper while going into the C-Wire Adapter and I believe two wires were just barely touching each other. I ended up trimming the wires so only about 5mm of bare wire was sticking out and re-rewired it to the C-Wire Adapter. Now that the wires going into the C-Wire Adapter are fully insulated from each other the issue has been resolved.

I hope this might help anyone that has this issue in the future.