Inserting New microSD in New v2 Cam Kills the Cam

Got a brand new v2 cam and 32GB microSD together from Wyze. Got the cam set up and connected with the app on iPhone. All looked good. Then I followed the instructions for inserting the microSD. I unplugged the camera, inserted the card (correctly), and plugged the cam back in. Got a solid yellow light for a few seconds, then a quick flash blue light and back to solid yellow for a few more seconds and then 2 clicks and the light goes dark…dead cam. Unplugged, removed and replaced card, plugged back in and the same thing happened. After the same result a 3rd time I removed the card and plugged the cam back in WITHOUT the card…SAME THING…solid yellow, blue flash, solid yellow, two clicks, dead. So then I did a factory reset, reconnected the cam with the app and tried the mircoSD card again…same result. Any suggestions???

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A new v1???

Do you mean a new v2 Wyze cam? The v1 cams are obsolete. Where did you buy the camera?

SORRY!! It is a V2. I thought the pan cam was the V2.

He/She indicated from Wyze.
Probably V2.

Sounds like bad sd card.

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I tested the sd card in my mac and it recognized it just fine. The card has a single folder called ‘time_lapse’ which is empty.

Cam and card purchased together directly from Wyze.

If Mac recognize the sd card, it may be ok.
I am no expert with Wyze but try this.

Can You format sd card to Fat32? by Mac first. Then,
plug it in V2 and use your app to do a format the sd card again.

if all fails, call Wyze service for warranty

I see now my oversight. Thanks