I was dealing with those same strange orbs until I had a powdery mildew infestation that took over my grow room I locked the room down, Shook sulfer dust in the air before sealing the room and this is what I seen on camera immediately afterwards.

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getting no video with supported formate and mime type found, cannot see it


Okay I’ll try again. This is the first time I did this and I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly because I can’t even view others videos.

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Fixed it.

Is there a Sim racing seat?

It’s a racing seat, but I use it in my grow room because of the mobility. It was expensive.

I thought it was I used to beta test for Fanatec for about 10 years. I worked very closely with Thomas Jackermeier

Really. I’m sure that was an experience.

it was actually a great experience. I’m not sure how familiar you are with Fanatec but if you look at their products from 10 years ago to a year ago when I stopped they changed dramatically. At the beginning they were kind of like a step above toy level and now you look and we were able to get licensing with BMW, Porsche, F1, NASCAR and McLaren. That’s pretty cool. I remember about six years ago when Thomas called me and said that we had just gotten an order from Dale Earnhardt Junior. We all thought that was like the pinnacle. Little did we know that the company was going to just continue to grow and grow and grow. But the beta testing became more of a job than fun because it got so serious

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I can imagine.

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