Initial thoughts from a 20 cam v2 and new pan owner

I have to say the price point and feature set are amazing. Consider that “other” companies charge 5-10x more for the same features?!? (No I don’t work for Wyze, No I don’t own stock or interest in Wyze, No I am not a paid “influencer” or anyone similar)

Suggestions to make the value proposition better:

  1. Clearly define a "Home" position that the camera returns to after a period of non-motion in panning zones or inactivity in tracking.
  2. Develop / Manufacture a threaded base mount adapter for Pan to use existing v1/v2 magnetic /sticky mount adapter (it is super convenient, seriously)
  3. Consider a Wyze branded black matte silicon skin or external enclosure that doesn't obstruct IR emitters. I understand you may not be able to influence the color of the plastic , but a silicon matte skin will help greatly for external and some internal behind glass installs (with IR emitter control).
  4. A hydrophobic/ceramic coating to keep dust/dirt/moisture off the glass elements and the enclosure in general.
  5. Ruggedized and rubber sealed USB ports on unit and power adapter (3rd party sources can provide for an upgraded cost).
  6. Wishlist : Custom Motion Detection Paths to act as a detection path in stead of zone . Think along the lines of highlighting a sidewalk path, alley or narrow walkway with waypoints.
The product is great and any improvements via software are relatively minor incremental costs for manufacturing but add immense value to the product. The "add-on" features would be only accepted by those who want them and not disenfranchise everyone else with infalted prices.




To expand on #1, above, I’d like a button in the center of the pan/tilt wheel that performs the “reset position” command, and/or returns to the pre-defined “home” position described above.