Initial Beta Observations

Having just now signed on to the Beta Test program, I am thrilled that the notifications are working (on my two V2 Wyzecams)!

What’s more, I have an interesting observation:

I am NOT able to open either cam on my mobile phone (Samsung S7) when my VPN (IPVanish) is active and I am at home on my home network (Spectrum Internet using an EERO router). Tech Support is aware of this, as I put in a trouble ticket a few months ago. They basically said that’s the way it is…and when I am not on my home network (e.g., another LAN or using the LTE network) I AM able to access the cams when the VPN is active. This goes as well with the same use of the Tinycam app.

HOWEVER, when using the Bluestacks emulator on my Win 10 Pro PC, if I run either the Wyzecam app or Tinycam on my home network, I AM able to access the cams when IPVanish is active on the PC!!

To recap, if IPVanish is running on my mobile phone and I am on my home network I cannot access my Wyzecams; if IPVanish is running on my PC and I access my Wyzecams via the Bluestacks emulator program, I am able to access my Wyzecams.

Please note that I have full access to my Wyzecams on my mobile phone connected to my home network if the VPN is not running

I would be interested in an explanation on why this is possible (or not possible, ss the case may be).

Only a theory, but normally when you’re on the same local network, the video stream never leaves the network. It is routed point to point from the camera directly to your phone. By introducing the VPN, you are forcing the stream to go out to the VPN server and back and maybe that’s somehow confusing the connection protocol.

That said, I just tested on my iPhone and connected to my local network with my VPN on (NordVPN), I am still able to connect to my cameras. So it may be something specific to your VPN provider or your home network setup. I’m not a networking expert, so I really can’t help beyond that speculation.

Yes, of course, it does go outside for the handshake and that’s probably where it’s getting hung up. Good point.

Yep. I can’t access my cams on my home network if I don’t have internet access.

So how is it going through the Bluestacks emulator just fine with the VPN active?