Infuriated by customer service

I have been trying to get support for my PanCam issue since October. I was happy with the Plus service for over a year but, even with a subscription and an SD card, I am missing 40% of my dog’s movements and 75% of the clips are 23 seconds. The problem wasn’t fixed earlier and the ticket was closed. Now I’m in an infinite loop with the customer service module and can’t get to a place where I can submit a new ticket. I’m just angry now. How can I get ahold of someone and fix this long term problem?

Not to diminish your camera issue, but as a dog lover, is that her personal bed with the steps, or is it hers when you are not there? :dog:

I would call…much much more sucess when talking to a person…the longest Ive been on hold yet is about 10 minutes…not bad in this day and age.

here is the Support contact number.

Wyze Support by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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She is a very spoiled girl. (And a very sick girl, which I why I have to watch her so carefully.) She has a bed at the foot of my bed but after her most recent surgery, I got her stairs to get up on my bed. She snuggles with me when I take a nap. And apparently sneaks up there when I’m out of the house. I got the stairs on amazon and it took me about 2 weeks to train her.

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Oh this is so so freaking helpful! Thank you! I will do this tomorrow.

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Thank you for providing the phone number. I ised to be able to ise live chat but it seems this is just an endless loop of questions now.

ive never tried the live chat ( never liked them much) I do much better in dealing with a responsive person and with the exception of a few Wyze wizards that speak extremely soft and can be hard to hear I’ve always had a great experience. :slight_smile:

UPDATE! Calling customer service was amazing! They were so helpful and I can’t be more thankful to them and you @Bam


Glad I was able to help and definitely awesome you got it taken care of! I think most of the negative reviews you will hear about about support come from the chat. If more people called I think there would be a vast 180 on the thoughts about the Wyze wizards

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Same experience. “Live” chat appears to be a dumb bot. Gave up on this quickly.

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