Infrared tricks article

I know this has been a topic of discussion once or twice. There’s some good learnings here.

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Thank you for the information!

very good article. hopefully though in the next month or two the current Beta will become production and people will have the option to turn off the IR leds. the function is currently in Beta and I haven’t heard of any big problems that would prolong it’s life in Beta, but until then this is a very useful article.

I am part of the Beta group, however I don’t see where I can turn off the IR and turn on night mode. Under Advanced settings, I can turn night vision on, auto, or off. No toggles for IR.

Is this possibly for the 2nd gen cameras and not the original Wyze cameras?

I am also using beta, i have the option to turn off the IR lights, but still turn on night vison mode with the Pan model. works very well so far… possible the function is not there with the 1st gen, maybe a mod can answer for you…

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@dseto, Thnx for the info. I am thinking it is 1st gen vs. 2nd gen feature. Hopefully a mod or a “WyzeGuy” will give me a final answer.

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you are correct. according to Wyze themselves, the V1’s have limitations that make it not possible to just turn off the IR’s on the V1’

but on the upside, it gives you a reason to get a new camera.

@Bam is correct. The suppress IR LED feature is not available on the V1 due to hardware limitations.


Thansk for the input, @Bam and @Loki