Individual Camera, Sense, Doorbell, AI detection type, etc. Alert Notification Sound and/or Color

I’m pretty shocked this isn’t already integrated into the system as it seems pretty basic.

How many hundreds of people have to ask for it for it to get integrated? I’m 705th ing this.

I also am requesting that the ability to have different sounds for different devices be added into the app. To make it truly useful with many devices this functionality is a must.

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It would be fantastic if I could assign differing motion notification sounds to each separate Wyze Cam. That way when I heard the notification sound I would know immediately from which cam the motion is detected. There is already a short lull between the motion and the notification, and it takes more time to open the app and find out where the motion was detected around my home. Knowing immediately from which cam the motion is detected by way of a distinct notification sound would allow me to act more quickly to confront trespassers/thieves/etc. Ring allows this, why not Wyze?


App/Home Monitoring Critical audible Alert is bad, when alarm is triggered

When the alarm goes off in the Wyze App on my iPhone, I find that the critical notification isn’t sufficiently loud or attention-grabbing enough to wake me up. It only emits a single beep. I would appreciate a recommendation for an alternative, like the Amber Alert tone, which is loud and persistent until the user acknowledges the alert. This is crucial because I’m frequently on the road, and there have been instances where the alarm has been triggered, but the critical alert is too weak and inconsistent. If I were sleeping, I could easily sleep through it.

We have 6 Wyze Cameras around our house. We recently installed the Doorbell camera. We don’t get a lot of event notifications from the cameras but we get enough so that we don’t immediately check them when they come through. Now since the notification is the same for 6 cameras and the doorbell, we don’t when someone is at our door. Desperately need a different notification sound for doorbell motion and/or button press of the doorbell. Our only options now to make sure we know the doorbell has gone off is to either disable notifications on all other cameras, or go back to our old Ring Doorbell.

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