Individual Camera, Sense, Doorbell, AI detection type, etc. Alert Notification Sound and/or Color

hey @jhereg and @nelix1970

with both of you using android you actually can set up a work around for custom notifications.
it will work until Wyze puts something out in the app itself.

sadly this is only available to android currently.

better than nothing for now.

I looked at that. IMO it was too much of a PITA when dealing with multiple sensors. I’m testing the Alexa options to see if that’s any better. it’s pretty straightforward, but I have no clue if it’s going to be reliable. I’m more concerned w/ sensor notifications. I’ve got pets and camera motion detection is unreliable unless it’s using person detection. The motion sensors and door sensors are what seem to work for me. I use the cameras to check on alert instead of alerting me.

I’ve bought into the Wyze stuff pretty heavily. I’ve got a couple dozen of their bulbs, door sensors, motion sensors and about a dozen cameras. I like their stuff, but it seems they head off to something new w/o doing something basic like adding features to their app which would work with everything. If you get into the security arena w/ door and motion sensors you need to give people ways to know when they’ve been activated. Notification needs to be flexible.

The Alexa integration is worthless. I set it up to notify me on my phone if my front or back door opens or closes. It doesn’t work all the time and I know one time it took over 5 min to get the notification, and when I finally got it I got door closed before door open.

Please make it possible to separate the notifications. This would be incredibly helpful especially for the doorbell.

Can we please get the ability to change the wyze app sound notifications in order to distinguish the difference between an email or text and a break in!

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Not just on iphones/pads but across all devices. I switched away from ring because their cameras barely detected a shape when my car got broke into. Wyze cameras are far superior in that field but the app is 20 years outdated. We’ve been customizing notification tones since the flip phone was the primary phone on the market. They are over 20 years behind and need to be setting the standard with their app the same way their cameras do!

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This is almost a reason to return these. I have 4 v. 3’s & I need to be able to set it to not be effected by ‘Do Not Disturb’. Android makes that part simple. However, I also need it to have a unique ringtone which will wake me! The best I can do is assign ALL the tone I want and to reassign Signal a tone (which it is amazing how THEY thought of this) for messaging. However, if we want to get into what this app ‘should’ allow is an individual ringtone for each and every device giving an alert. To me this is a ‘no brainer’. I want an alarm at night and be able to defend the driveway and know to go right towards the driveway, not the back yard. This is my single complaint about these cameras. I was going to expand to Monitoring, now I may return all and switch to a different brand.


Welcome to the community @Meltedwire . I like you am a community member and have opted to be a beta tester for both App updates and Firmware.

I do agree that there should be settable tones for instances defined in this thread. However, until that happens you can try something like this, if you are home and wanted an alarm.

You can setup a rule which will trigger the alarms on many camer’s when either motion or a person is detected, if you have Cam Plus. This could essentially trigger all camera’s to sound the siren. I am not sure where your camera’s are, but an option.

Another option would be to purchase a Wyze Plug and plug something like this into it. THe item below is a power failure alarm, so you would turn the Power on the Plug on so the alarm will not go off. Then when motion or a person is detected, you turn the power off, which should trigger the alarm. Then you have a shortcut in the Wyze app to silence the alarm, which simply turns the plug back on. Just trying to provide alternatives. I would try the Camera Sirens if you can first.

I think it would be really cool to set up notifications for individual cameras I haven’t been able to figure out a way to do that so like if my parking lot camera goes off I have a different notification from my doorbell because I have three wyze cameras and the wyze video doorbell. And it would be nice to know which camera is actually going off instead of the same notification for all four cameras.

Would love to have the option to have a different sound notification (alert) based on the various locations of the cameras. As an example, home verses garage. Shop verse home, etc. It would allow me to know even before I opened up the app which location was having the alarm.

Can you please make the option for the phone to ring like a doorbell when someone pushes the doorbell button. The generic camera chime that you have right now is not good at all. I cannot distinguish it from the other wyze cameras that I Have. It really puts you behind the ring doorbell for not having this feature.

Wyze Video Doorbell Needs Unique Audio Notification

I went from the Ring app to the Wyze Doorbell expecting the same features. but not getting them. The camera is SO MUCH better, however the Ring app has 2 very important features the Wyze Doorbell does not. I am creating two separate wish list items for this.

  1. The Doorbell needs a unique sound notification like the Ring does. There is no difference between the Doorbell and any other notification so my text and message notifications are the same as my Doorbell. This is very annoying because I have my text and message notifications on a very soft sound so that I’m not disturbed throughout the day with constant sounds. However when my doorbell rings, or someone comes by the door I want to be made aware of this. Having a unique Doorbell Notification Sound would solve this issue.

I had the same problem, and all I did is to switch the ringtone in my iPhone to doorbell and solved the issue.

That’s great. Unfortunately that solution won’t work for me. I have an Android. The Doorbell only rings using the notification sound which in my case is a soft almost inaudible sound. I receive a LOT of notifications and I don’t want my doorbell sound going off all day. I just want to know when someone is ringing my doorbell.

Can we please get a different notification for the doorbell, so we can now the difference between a camera notification and the doorbell.

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Change doorbell notification tone in app

Currently when a visitor presses the doorbell button outside, the notification chime on the app is the same notification chime as other apps; which is simply the Default notification chime. As a result, the notification often gets ignored.

I’d like to be able to change the notification tone for the doorbell to no longer use the device’s default tone, and instead use something more appropriate, like a doorbell sound on the device.


Hey everyone! I voted on and posted over at Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications and was referred over here by @Seapup for Wyze device level custom push notifications and tones.

I too am waiting for Wyze to develop App level custom notifications and tones (in development Wishlist topic above) and Wyze device level custom notifications and tones (this Wishlist topic, maybe later).

As a moderately acceptable workaround to get as close to these two wishlist items as possible until Wyze gets done wading thru the tall grass coding these, I have implemented the following:

  1. I have Android so I have changed my OS level notification sound setting for “WyzeMessage” (all Wyze push notifications) from the default to a custom mp3 sound I downloaded. That way, the Wyze push notification sound is unique from any other app. (Sorry iOS… Apple doesn’t allow you to do that without 3rd party app supervision)

  2. I have installed Free Notification Reader. Highly customizable. Free. Stable. When any Wyze notification comes in, I first hear my Wyze tone (#1 above) and then it audibly reads the text of the Wyze notification to me so I know exactly what Wyze device initiated the push and why: “Notification from Wyze, Person detected on Doorbell Cam at 1:15pm. Check out the event video.” Regardless of which devices I have set for notification, if it sends a push, FNR audibly tells me which device initiated that push AND why (example: which AI event tagged, open close sensor, leak sensor, climate Sensors temp\humidity, HMS armed\disarmed, alarm, Noonlight…you get the idea). The app can be used on ANY other app on your phone that sends push notifications, it will work on BT headsets, it reads my emails and text MMS\SMS to me when driving, can override DND by app, too many features to list.

Hope this helps at least one frustrated sole while we all wait in que for the doors to open. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for the testimonial and stopgap solution. Going to grab that and play with it this weekend. :+1:

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Just went to the app store to get a link… Not easy to find searching because it is actually listed as FNR Notifications Reader. Had to get it from my installed catalog.

Let me know if that link works. It is developed by Mario Pelissetto. :wink: PS> All the custom tweaks are in the Advanced Settings mode.


Custom Ringtones for Wyze camera

I tried to read through the Wish List concerning anything regarding my wish but haven’t seen anything since 2019 so here goes:

I wish that Wyze would allow their app to be able to select different Android or Apple (whichever type of cellphone you use) notification ringtones for each individual cameras. I am a Cam Plus subscriber and would be willing to pay a $1.00 more monthly to be able to do this.

My Mom have Ring cameras and their app let clients choose ringtones of the type of notification(s) they want. For example, her front porch floodlight camera, she was able to select “Chimes” ringtone notification and her back porch camera, she was able to select “Dogs barking” ringtone notification. Now granted, these certain ringtones were on Ring’s app but if Wyze could put an option on their app to allow us to choose any of “OUR” cellphone ringtones for each camera, just like you can select different ringtones for each person in your address book, this would be MARVELOUS!

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