Indicator to signify local or remote streaming

It would be useful to have an optional indicator when viewing feed(s) to know if the stream is local or remote.


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LOVE :two_hearts: this idea! For those of us who have limited data plans, it would be able to show at a glance what stream we are on.

A possible addition to this, like many of my other apps have when dealing with streaming or downloads, would be a settings toggle that would allow us to limit streaming video only when connected to WiFi.

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The current indicator light is multi-use. It comes on for motion, streaming, and transitions between normal and night vision mode. This Wish is for a dedicated camera streaming light. Right now it is difficult to know if the the red indicator light is lit because someone if viewing the camera because there are two other things that can cause the the light to come on.

Another possibility is to have the red indicator light flash with a certain pattern while it is streaming.