Indicator in app for SD card issues

I think many people have had issues with SD card recording at some point. But unless you check the SD card periodically to ensure it’s recording as expected there is no way to know if it’s not working. And it’s very frustrating when you go to look for footage, and find it’s not there.

The SD card could go bad. It could get corrupted. There are times when it’s full and it does not erase the older footage (this was a bug in the firmware at one point.)

So I’d like to see some form of notification / message / indication when a camera cannot write to the SD card as expected. It should be able to check what it wrote to the card is actually there, periodically, and create some form on alert/notification if it’s not working as expected.

And if someone puts in a larger (64GB or larger) SD card it will recognize it as having a few MB or space if it’s the wrong format. So having a notification of low space would be good when a card is inserted.

this is a pretty good idea but just a small thought on one section of your post, if you have a notification of low space, that would be a constant notification because the card would be constantly filled assuming the writing over of older files is working. As soon as a card is filled it begins the loop of writing over old files so in effect the card is constantly full. I don’t know a way to work around that one. I’m not a programmer so I’m not qualified to comment on the rest, but in theory this would be a great thing to have.

I made a post recently so if these SD card issues happens to be the cards being use, maybe we will see a pattern and avoid those cards and thus those issues.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve seen the posts on SD card issues. I’ve had a couple myself. I’m sure it will get better as the Wyze team get’s to the bottom of the issues. On the low disk space - I was thinking about when a card is inserted, so a one time check the. But yes, having a notification that that older files are now being over written (just once when it starts to do that) would be good too! But the most important, to me, is when it expects to write to the card but can’t for some reason! Not knowing when that happens is a big problem!

Using the right type of card is critical of course. Endurance rating is the only way to go (ref Samsung PRO Endurance). It would be simple to implement an error counter to summarize write errors per hour into a health flag. Color codes could provide the health, green, yellow, red, etc. Wyze would need to test with bad cards to validate the feature. I think that most of the issues people have with cards in Wyze devices is that they are not understanding how to buy a card.


I like this idea and I was wondering about this myself. SD cards do occasionally become unexpectedly corrupt and people usually do not find out until they need to access data from the card…not good. :expressionless:

I definitely want an alert/notification when the SD recording failed.

More then a few people have run into the issue where they thought it was recording but it was not because the SD card had stooped working for whatever reasons.

I recently created a new wishlist item cuz i didn’t see this item when I searched for “microSD”. The “issue detection” piece of code is absolutely needed (yesterday). I’d be willing to design, write, and, test the software myself… it would be one of my #contributionstosociety

The item I created is Send email notification upon detection of microSD card issue