Increase size of D-Pad on Pan Cam waypoint setup screen

I’ve found it pretty much impossible to set up waypoints in the app. It’s hard not to hit the set button while trying to move the cam. Not that I ever completed the process in my older android devices.


Is this the part of the interface whose size you are asking to be increased?

If I understand correctly, it is difficult to tap the right part of this D-Pad for those with smaller phones and larger fingers?

You’re not trying to tap the directional quadrants and the SET button at the same time, are you?

It does look like there’s room on that screen to make the D-Pad bigger (as well as the one on the Live Stream screen for Pan Cams).

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Yes the RED part. But honestly, the biggest problem is the lag on my old tablets and phones. I’ve got about a 20-30 second lag in the waypoints section.

When you say

do you mean you have that much lag when setting the waypoints here or that much lag in movement when the cam is actually panning in real time?

Just when setting waypoints. I have to move the cam with tinycam on another device, and then try to set a waypoint. Course I’m using either an off brand (Maxwell?) cheap tablet or a 1st gen Moto X (because free is good). :wink:
But actually, I think the “SET” button should be to one side.