Inconsistent icons between the WCO and other Cameras

I noticed that the icons being used with the WCO are solid where the icons on the other cameras are not. I figure that this could be an easy fix to maintain consistent UI between all cameras.

Images below shows what I am talking about.

WCO Camera

V3 Camera


Nice catch! Definitely not a critical or high priority UI issue affecting functionality, but still one that appears to be overlooked and should be a simple fix to maintain professionalism and consistency. Great observation, and something they will want to fix.

Maybe create a log for the app and attach those pictures (to the log) and post the number in the OP? I’m sure one of the Mavens/Mods can pass on this bug/oversight to @WyzeTeam to notice the UI discrepancy.

Good job buddy, this is a nice share.

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Hmm, the WCO ones are way better. If anything they should standardize on those.

It does stand out to let you know. I think that the V2 is what they are migrating to though.


Sigh. Why do devs insist on making things WORSE with new generations? It’s simple stupid arrogance. Completely customer hostile. Tiny pixel fixation.

This is the view on my ancient app for a V2.

Using this format makes it easier when they finally implement dark mode. But we will see.

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Very good catch. Now I’m never going to be able to unsee it LOL


Every time this thread updates I take another look at those 3 screenshots and can’t believe how inferior in every way the V3 icons are. Just huge steps backward all around.

I would like to hear you elaborate a set of rationales as to why (I am not implying a disagreement or anything, I just think there could be a benefit in hearing your rationales).

  1. Speaker icon. V3 is a nearly pixel thin outline, light gray, and barely perceptible on the screen. The others are filled in solid and/or darker with much greater visual impact.

  2. Recording. V3 shows a… a thin circle and a dot. What the heck is that? A target? A Stop button? A pen or brush tip? The others show an old fashioned video or movie camera that is readily identifiable even to 20 year olds. Also, see #1.

  3. Microphone. Seriously? You can barely see the V3 version, let alone figure out what it is. See also #1.

  4. Camera. Why is the V3’s lens completely off center as if it’s broken? Maybe they were going for a rangefinder camera or something except there’s still a prism on top. Besides, it’s so thin an outline you don’t know what’s going on. See #1.

  5. More. The V3 has 3 tiny outlines of horizontal dots. OUTLINES of DOTS. Seriously? Who thought this was a good idea to indicate ANYTHING? And horizontal?? Hamburger and dot menus of all kinds are a meaningless and pervasive scourge, but at least use something that LOOKS like them! There is a 3 dot menu on this forum page right now as I write this. It’s in the upper right and it’s 3 VERTICAL dots. As is every other such indicator I have ever seen. 3 barely visible outlines of horizontal dots is meaninglessness, squared. The other version icons at least look like something resembling a menu indicator. And they are bigger and darker so that one can actually see them.

  6. See also #1.

  7. The text captions on the V3 icons are dimmer and harder to read. (Possibly a bit smaller but not sure.) The others are bolder and clearer.

  8. Did I mention you can barely see the icons?

  9. See #1.

Does that address your question? :wink:

Oh wait - I thought you asked for an “elaborate set of rationales”. Oh well. :slight_smile:

P.S. Yes I’m moderately old but don’t need or wear reading glasses. I can see the crappy design just fine.


LOL Thanks for humoring me buddy. Yes, you answered my question.

Interestingly, if you turn the device horizontal/landscape mode to where the video stream fills the whole screen, the icons are different than they are in the portrait view. Both the V3 and WCO use fully filled in White Icons that match the other WCO icons as follows:




So white instead of grey/black. Although, the V3 appears to put the icons to the right of the video stream, while the WCO uses the full screen and overlays the icons over the top of the video when you bring them up with a tap. I suspect this has more to do with the resolution differences though.

So it does appear that the intent is to make all the icons use the WCO format, rather than the V3 format and maybe they just forgot to update the V3 icons on the main screen?


I like the transparent bacgkound on the WCO. Hopefully it will be consistent either way they go. I prefer the filled in icons as with @Customer . I am mid 50’s but use bifocals and am slightly red green color blind. The filled in icons makes them stand out more.

But I would first settle on being consistent.


:smiley: Y’all are just showing age differences.

Years ago nobody would know that the 3 horizontal lines was a menu item.
Same with the 3 dots.

Either that or our OCD. :grin:

Consistency adds to the usability. You get familiar with it and automatically know what something is or does.


If you will notice, that objection / observation was entirely tangential to the rest of the complaint / whine.

Ahh, the hamburger menu / hamburger icon :hamburger: :yum:

I’d like to take this a bit further, although mentioning UI design seems to be like flogging a dead horse with WYZE …

Check this out … in the app for iPad, we have 4,467 PNG images, accounting for 46.7 MB of space … now, some are not buttons obviously, but holy crap there are a LOT of button images, and of course we have @2X and @3X images. This method is being deprecated and programmers, who want to slim things down and make things easier in the long run, will tend to opt for vector imagery or fonts (glyph fonts). I’m not going to go into how this would benefit not only the programmers but the users … again, dead horse.

Do we need a different icon to signify whether the IR light is on/off/auto with every version of the cameras? Of course not.

Do we need different icons for different views in different orientations? Nope.

I have sent in specific requests completely outlining how the app would be much better off with a bit of UI consistency … but apparently to deaf ears.

We are just going to have to live with this it seems…every time a new product is launched, just expect the app to contain an additional set of png images that are pushed out from the ‘design team’ in a rush with absolutely no thought put into the usability of the app in the long run.

Also, in the future, be prepared to buy ever larger storage capacity in your hardware, because the file size is increasing on this app needlessly.

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Definitely shouldn’t standardize to the Bulleted List icon for “More”

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