Inconsistent behavior

Hello. Not sure where to submit this, so why not here? I am a supporter of small, entrepreneur businesses and product and why I am trying Wyze Cam. Especially since it is conscious of the product price. Because the price is not great as others in the field, my expectations aren’t as great, at the same time to be successful it needs to work.

The challenge I am finding is my cam’s inconsistent behavior. It always loads, has an image, but it’s features don’t always work. I have watched most of the Tuesday Tips YouTube videos. I’m using a new Sandisk, though intermittently my cam says I don’t have one. Reformatting doesn’t help. Playback sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, even with continuous recording. I hit playback, it loads, but doesn’t play. Sometimes it does. Recording motion, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Let’s say at my front door, three events happen within five minutes, it may record one and three, but skip two. My WIFI connection is consistent and strong.

So there you go. Because the problems are inconsistent, it is hard to pin down any causes, resulting in I don’t trust my Cam as a security feature. Right now it is a novelty. I have used iCam for a long time, all it takes is my own web cam (used via Amazon is cheap) and a $5 app. It works well, play their “notification” of motion feature last for the whole motion length, not just 12 seconds. It does not have the mobility or less equipment features though of Cam, so why it would be nice to be able to switch.

Thanks for your time. I have ordered the “new” Cam, maybe that will make a difference. We’ll see.

Try removing the card, clean its contacts with a pencil eraser, then a lint free cloth, then reinsert firmly.