In uk can’t upgrade to person identication

Cant upgrade to person identification in uk

Hav you tried using PayPal?

I’m in Ireland and recently bought a Cam Plus subscription. At the top of the page where you would enter your credit card details or your country, look for a link to pay by PayPal. Wyze only added this option in the last few weeks.

Won’t let me register address in uk

I went through the motions on my account to subscribe to person detection, to see where the PayPal link is, but it bypassed all of that and took the amount off my PayPal - it must have saved it from the last time I used it. I quickly cancelled my subscription which it thankfully refunded straight away.

So I can’t help you to find the exact place you need to go, other than to say that it does work. For me, there was a link at the top of a page to pay with credit card or paypal. This was while logged into my account in a web browser on a PC.

Is should work!
Try this link: