In-App notifications breaking flow in iOS 9X

I am using Wyze as a baby monitor on an old device running iOS 9.3.6. Wyze App v 2.5.45. Motion detection is set to ON. When I’m on the video feed and a motion is detected, I get an in-app alert that requires me to say “OK” to continue. When clicked, it takes me to the detected video feed, thereby breaking the flow of continuous monitoring.

Turning off app notifications (via Wyze settings) doesn’t seem to be helping.

Can you post screen shot of this?

Here! Clicking OK takes me to the playback of the detected clip. Then I’ve to hit back and go back to the video feed. Thereby breaking the flow.

I’m on iOS 12, so my instructions may not be perfect, but go into your iPhone settings > Notifications > Wyze. You will see 3 phone screens at the bottom. I believe you have “Alerts” selected for the Wyze app. Change that to “Banners”. Then your alerts will become banners that drop down from the top of the screen and will disappear after a few seconds.

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I have Banners selected. It works as intended on iOS 12.

Even with app notifications OFF (through the Global notifications setting) on iOS 9, the prompt appears.

If I turn off notifications via the Wyze app, that turns it off for all devices (i.e. the service itself), which I don’t want.