Improved motion sensor and groupings for use with Noonlight

We need a new and improved motion sensor. The current v2 sensor generates way too many false alarms, causing Noonlight to initiate an emergency response. Many complaints on the forums about this issue. Many temporary fixes, but no real solution. IMO This device is the weak link in the Wyze security system and causes a lack of confidence in Wyze’ products.

I have gotten 2 calls from Noonlight on 2 different Motion Sensor V2 false alarms (<1 min motion both times). Is it possible to add an option to group 2 or more sensors located close to each other and trigger an alarm and Noonlight alert only if this group of sensors detects motion at the same time or nearly the same time to minimize false alarms?


Please make sure you vote for this wish. The system does not automatically vote for your wish