Impossible to Contact Wyze!

Trying to contact Wyze via email is extremely difficult. I tried to contact them an about issue with my Cordless Vacuum and the required drop down fields don’t list this vacuum. So I tried call them and there were no options for support in their automated system, so I just picked anything and was on hold forever, but finally just gave up. WTH Wyze?! I have spent a lot of money buying your products and when I have an issue I can’t even contact you via a simple email address or phone number. Stop making bug ridden new products and fix your customer support, then fix your software issues!

Forgive them, they are trying to bounce back from a major disaster that hit them at the end of last week. "At least 375 people are now known to have died after a powerful storm struck the Philippines on Thursday.*

Super Typhoon Rai - with winds of about 195km/h (120mph) - sent some 400,000 people running for safety when it hit the country’s south-eastern islands.

At least 500 people were injured and 56 others have been reported missing by local police.

Rescue teams have described scenes of “complete carnage”"

They only reduced staffing and hours as a result. It’s a wonder they can function at all!

Yes, that is tragic but what does that have to do with having an easier way to contact the company?

That is the company as far as the Support section goes.

Then maybe they need a support center in the USA and give us a simple email address to contact them.