IMPORTANT: Terms of Service and Security Updates - 1/6/22

Hi… thanks for responding. I just got home from out of state so first thing in morning will be trying to set up my cameras again. I did use my old password. It’s the QR Scan that not picking up.


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Are your cameras still not working?


You do NOT need to do any QRC reading when doing this. It may already be too late if you’ve pressed the hardware reset button though. The point is to leave the cameras completely alone and concentrate on making the SSID and password of the new router match that of the old router. Good luck…

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Swell… that is not what customer support told me. They said I had to reset all of my cameras’. Thanks for your suggestion but I already went through all of the set up steps. It just won’t scan


I received the email but there were NO in-app messages about this. Or did you mean only that Wyze should have done this, not that they did? Because they definitely did NOT provide in-app messaging.

See my other posts re/ why I am no longer, and never will again be, a Wyze customer. This mandatory update bricked my 2019 cam 2 and the response from Support was to offer me $20 off a cam 3 - half the price. I don’t consider a device that was less than two years old obsolete, but now it’s garbage, thanks to this firmware update.

Still waiting. If the answer is “no, it’s just so we don’t have to worry about our new forced app talking to your ancient box firmware,” then please say so. There are already several threads about people who acted on your advisory above and now have bricked cameras.

Was the January 11 app cutoff executed or postponed? Does this have any bearing on 3rd party (TinyCam) access?

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Gwen is out for a few weeks. I’m afraid I don’t have any more info either. Curious how this will go.

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I know the answer to that one, yes it was executed. Older apps will no longer function properly. The other 3 questions would all be guesses on my part. Although in February they will ‘push’ the firmware updates so it will probably become impossible to run old firmware at that time.


Thanks, Jason/Gwendolyn. :slight_smile:

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I think the main issue here remains that Wyze deliberately bricked cams that had been working perfectly. Mine (cam V2) was only 17 months old and some users reported V3 cams stopping working. Talk about strangling the baby in the crib. Terrible conduct by Wyze. And they hived off this separate forum about other cams (see forum [Rbcior 1080P HD Indoor Security Camera] (Rbcior 1080P HD Indoor Security Camera)) because they don’t want Wyze customers seeing how they really act, or seeing that there are better alternatives.

I am sorry you had this experience but I can say Wyze did not deliberately brick any cameras. If you contacted support and have a ticket number you can post it here and I can see if I can get it looked into again.

This was moved because it was on a different topic and Moderators are instructed to do that to keep things on topic, it was not deleted and is still on the forum, we have now both also linked to that thread from here so anyone wanting to see it still can. It was not done to bury it, we could have just deleted it if that was the case.


My ticket # was 1724197. I posted about it in this forum, but didn’t give the ticket #. They offered me $20 because my camera was 17 months old, so off warranty - not good enough when the firmware update was the cause.

Re/ whether this was deliberate, as I told support before, and as I posted here before:
“Feel free to add a credit to my account if you wish, using this email address, but be aware that this is NOT satisfactory. You deliberately bricked my cam. No other interpretation is possible, except that you never did any testing before releasing the latest mandatory firmware “update”. EITHER WAY, this is Wyze’s bad. Warranty period is not the issue, when you deliberately disable previously working devices.

I stand by that - it was either deliberate or Wyze did no pretesting before making the update mandatory. As I can’t believe they really did no pre-testing, I assume it was deliberate. Of course, I can’t be sure - but there really are only those two options. Both are terrible customer service.

I’m logging in to check what the wider feelings are about this forced update and what the reason is for it. So far I see it’s for “security” reasons but no further explanation of what they are.

I’ve been a happy user of several v2 and v3 cameras for the last 2 years precisely because I do not update the App or firmware versions. The cameras have been working well for me and I know that many of the new versions introduced feature-breaking faults that angered a lot of customers.

So far, I’m still on App 2.18.41 and firmware (v2) and (v3).
I’ve been the nag popups but it doesn’t say when the App or cameras will stop working.
I’m not looking forward to the update process and I’m wondering if I’ll be left with broken cameras.

So, what exactly is this security reason that makes it so important to take this risk?
If there is another reason for forcing the update, what is it?
And how stable are the latest App and firmware versions?
I guess it means a return to the forums to see how many people are complaining about things that are broken with no response from Wyze.

Looking through the cam forum, I see posts about cameras failing to record starting after the recent update, notifications have stopped on v2 and v3 cams after the update, duplicate notifications, broken AI, v3 firmware not updating.
Sigh. I’m not looking forward to this.

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Exactly. I’ve asked several times but apparently the only person empowered to deliver the answers is on (long awaited) leave.

I do not know the exact security reason, I just know it is due to security

It is for needed security updates

I can only speak from personal experience, I am on the latest app and it is working fine, I have updated all my products so far with the exception of my 3 WOC base stations and 6 WOC. I will be doing those this weekend. I have had no issues with bulbs, plugs, v2/v3 cams and pan v1/pan v2 cams. I did have 2 v3 cams that failed on the first update but took it when I tried again. I will update this post if you like after I do my WOC base stations and WOC cams.

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Ok, thanks Jason.
I’ll cross my fingers and toes and hope for the best.

I don’t like it when companies hide the contents of updates by saying something vague like “security”. It doesn’t fill me with confidence. In fact, it makes me think they are pushing software that will spy on me.

When Synology do an update, they go into precise detail about every security flaw they addressed. Such as:
“Updated the OpenSSL setting in response to new rules of Let’s Encrypt certificates.”

I like that. I respect that.
“Just do it” doesn’t give me the same fuzzy feeling.

But it looks like we’re not being given a choice. See what happens. I’m remembering why I’ve not visited these forums for so long :slight_smile:

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Now that I think of it, when did this push to do the updates all kick off? Is it related to the log4j identity hacks revealed on 9 December?

I believe the actual push started last summer, maybe around June, it seems to have just reached a point where they are now ‘forcing’ it.

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