Important feedback from New User


First of all, I’d like to say this is an amazing product. I understand that the product is constantly being improved over time. However, I’d like to share my own experience as well as some valuable suggestions. So let’s go:

  1. I get a lot of "Refresh list failed" on the Devices tab and the no cameras show up on the list as a result. Just the "Add camera" in the center. This happens is the session expired. So I guess the system should be handling sessions better, by properly detecting session expiration on the client app.
  2. Notifications List is not periodically refreshed. So when you get a new notification and tap on it, it takes you to the app to view the video. Once the video is dismissed I should see the list being refreshed. So perhaps you could run a refresh when a video is dismissed or periodically by calculating deltas at specific moments. close video? check if refresh is needed, switching to Notifications tab? check if refresh is needed. changing to a different date? check if refresh is needed.
  3. Export/ Share video, doesn't export sound with it.
  4. The Pan Scan feature under Advanced Settings > Motor Controls
    1. When you set 3 or 4 waypoints, the rotation method is not optimal. In my opinion it should use a round-robin mechanism. Here's an illustration for 3 waypoints: current rotation: 1. wp 1: 10s 2. wp2: 10s 3. wp3: 10s 4. wp2: 10s 5. wp1: 10s 6. etc round-robin: 1. wp 1: 10s 2. wp2: 10s 3. wp3: 10s 5. wp1: 10s 6. etc

      Notice that the current rotation mechanism spends 10s more to come back to wp1 than with the round robin. If needed feel free to set a rotation mode:
      A: forward and back: wp1 > wp2 > wp3 > wp2 > wp1
      B: round robin: wp1 > wp2 > wp3 > wp1

    2. The “Rotate Speed” is inaccurate or mislabelled. I thought it would cause the motors to turn slower or faster, like a slow motion rotation. but what I’m noticing is that is only delays more or less the response to a tracking a movement. Based on the way it behaves it’s more like a “Rotation Delay”. Once it decides to move, the speed is always the same. Can the hardware motor rotation speed actually be controlled?

    3. When changing to another waypoint, the motors don’t turn at the same time. it’s always one at a time, so visually you don’t see a linear transition to the next scene. but rather a horizontal transition followed by a vertical transition. This is obviously slower than parallelizing the h/v movement.

    4. On many occasions, the camera rotates so fast on slow moving objects that it looses track of the moving object entirely. This is a serious flaw, since it stops tracking the action.
  5. The camera rotation sound is audible in recordings. I'll happily share a video.
  6. Recorded video and sound have sync issues. Sound is delayed by over half a second. Best way to replicate is to hear the rotation motor in recorded video. Check that its off sync with the rotation in the video.
  7. Alert Schedule: Can you allow for multiple time slots and schedules? As a user I expect the motion alerts to run when I sleep and when I go to work. But not when I wake up and get ready for work, not between the time I come back from work and before I go to sleep, and not over the weekend during day time. This means:
    1. Weekdays: 2 time segments (away to work + night time),
    2. Weekends: 1 time segment (night time).
Thanks for a great product. By tackling these issues, no doubt this would be the best camera on the market.

I’d like to see them create a widget that when you are leaving the house, you could click it to have notifications turned on, and then also to turn off when you get home.


I second that…