IMPORTANT APP UPDATE: 2.16.55 for Android and 2.16.46 for iOS - 1/16/21

I feel your pain. I, too, am looking at cutting my losses and going with the Eufy 2k…do you know if the live streaming it offers is continuous? It feels strange to ask that (because it would seem like a given) but in researching other alternatives, some definitely do NOT allow for steady viewing. The other thing is Alexa Announcements…any idea if the Eufy 2k announces motion (like the Wyze motion sensor does)?

I currently do not have the Eufy, but from what I understand the Eufy can do both however the Eufy does not have an external switch or sensor. They are pretty cheap, in fact the River had them on sale with a 2 pack offer for $40. I might just have to buy one and play with it.

I will say one thing though, if you look on something like offerup (kind of like craigslist) and put in Eufy you get very few used ones for sale. If you put in Wyze, you get pages of Wyze for sale. I think that speaks volumes.

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Yes , with the Eufy 2K indoor cameras you can do live streaming continuously.

At the present time, no , Eufy cams do not have that function with Alexa

you have to pay a subscription to have cloud storage with the Eufy cams or you can do like I do , store invent clips locally on 128GB SD card in the camera , you can view the clips in the app just like with cloud storage

I think you might find your answers here:

It’s very interesting when they talk about delayed notifications with Wyze

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One thing to consider with Eufy, and the thing that kept me from completely switching, is that only one device at a time can view the live stream. Not sure if it’s been changed since I tried, or if you can do it with separate accounts at the same time.
For many, or maybe most, that mainly be an issue, but for my particular use case, I display on wall mounted tablets 24/7 so it wouldn’t work. I think Tinycam would do it, but no 2k that way or app functions.

A shame too, because I loved the video quality of the Eufy.

Thanks for all that info and the link. Bummed about the lack of Alexa Announcements. That’s going to make me stick with Wyze for now, holding my nose. No offense to Wyze but I think you would have to be nuts to sign up for their home security thing. I feel like a jerk for recommending them to so many people. And let me just point out that we still don’t know WHY this update was “important” (for those of us who refuse to update the app and/or firmware out of fear of making things worse).

That’s not really an issue with me. It seems that the camera’s are all working again and saving to the SD card. Formatting all the SD cards seems to correct the issue. For those of you that use SD cards, you might want to check that they are actually recording. The only reason I found out they weren’t recording was because I needed to review some footage and they were ALL blank! This is not the first time I went back to review footage and wasn’t able to.

I will say something about Eufy that is a BIG plus. With Wyze when you review footage, you can’t find the motion that caused the device to trigger a record in the fist place. With Eufy, that action is highlighted on the recorded video (like on most security systems). Also another BIG plus is that Eufy doesn’t transmit to the clould when using an SD card unless you sign up and pay for that feature. I hate that Wyze is always transmitting to the cloud, but I knew that when I purchased it.

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Good Morning, Kind of:
After reading some of the the community notes it seems that no one has mentioned that their IOS phones are at V2.16.48 as min is, not 46. I bring this up because a friend and I have spent the last 2 days trying to reconfigure a couple of V2 cameras that have been reliable for about a year. They get as far as asking to read the bar code and then hanging for ever until the status light times out. Camera Firmware is

Are we still able to disable the AI features if we want? Sorry but when I go outside and trigger as a package or a raccoon triggers as a car, the AI is not ready to be released. Not to be a pill about it.

On my motion sensors, if one is open the page is shown in red… If closed it is blue/black

Yes you can still disable the AI features

I have tried half a dozen times to download and update the Wyze App for iOS from the APP STORE and every time it says the update could not be downloaded to my IPAD 4. All other apps download fine, but now I cannot view my security cameras, because your WYZE APP says I MUST UPDATE to view the cameras. Why can’t you leave the previous version of the app available for those who want to use the older one, instead of FORCING me to update to a version that does not work on my IPAD? NOW I HAVE CAMERAS AND NO WAY TO VIEW THEM.

I think the disappearing old app is an Apple app store issue, but if you are on iOS 9 or above I think a request to review that is already in place with Wyze. If you are not on iOS 9 or above, then that is definitely an issue.

What happened to all of my person-detection notifications for my Cams Plus cameras? After the update, I get nothing. And I don’t even see the option for it.

This is ridiculous.

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This is my opinion and experience from using Wyze cam software.

From my experience one should NEVER update unless you actually have to.

As the saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’… what you have is a perpetual need to always add things (Wyze vacuum cleaner - terrible idea to incorporate that in security cam software).

Eventually Wyze will force you to update in some form or fashion. But until they do, and if things are just fine with your current set up, DO NOT UPDATE.

The software/hardware testing phase of these updates really appear to be implemented haphazardly - and it shows.

Why can’t Wyze users uninstall the most recent update and revert back to a previous version that worked for their hardware? (if this can be done it certainly is not something general users are aware of or have the expertise to do)

Are folks expected to update their Android and/or Apple products every few months to remain compatible with Wyze software?

My Apple iPad mini was working just fine with the previous version… I had my cams on view 24/7.
I update to this latest version and suddenly I can’t even open the Wyze app.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times.

If the app was incompatible with my current Apple iPad would it not say so and/or prevent it from being updated?

The iPad I use only has Wyze software on it (besides what is the base apps upon a device reset).
So there should be no conflicts with any other app.

Basically, what it boils down to is if anyone is considering using Wyze cams I’d suggest simply investing in a CCTV security system. In the long run you will have a more robust and secure system.
I simply don’t need the hassle of having to deal with constant pushed software updates that usually just create more issues than solve.

It is very unstable. It is not an environment you want your security to reside in. Kind of untrustworthy and that is not good for security, Each update that is suppose to fix or add to the experience and functionality just creates chaos.

If I sound frustrated, I am.
I initially found these cams to be great.
Now I wish I has just went with the CCTV route.

Just want to add in my displeasure in the recent iOS update completely breaking the app on my wife’s ipad mini. Her iPad cannot be updated past 9.3.5 and when the 1/26 update got pushed to her device it now crashes immediately upon opening the app. Tried reinstall, even a factory reset. Given her iPad is a little dated at this point but the wyze app was working before, now it’s not.

Hilarious that an update would be pushed to her device automatically which has known compatibility issues.

Any chance of a fix for this?

We use this as a baby monitor and won’t be running out to buy a new ipad any time soon lol.

It shows a total disrespect for their customer base. Apple has always done this, so I guess everyone is going to do it now. They FORCE you to update when everything was running fine without the update. PI$$ POOR BUSINESS MODEL from the customer’s point of view. But they don’t care! CLEARLY they don’t care!

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Which is the primary reason I have never, and will never, own any Apple product. (That and the fact that I refuse to stand in line outside the store for 12 hours before opening in order to be one of the first 1,000 to get gouged for the most recent ‘upgrade’.).

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I have a couple old IOS 9 devices that I just use for some specific camera angles. App just instantly crashes when launched. Unfortunately can’t access beta on these as Testflight won’t load as so old too.

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BTW: for anyone who may still be having error 6 even though they updated the app as well as the V3 software (but I was also getting the errors on the other cams as well) I restarted each cam via the app. It doesn’t resolve the issue of the 06 error before the restart though. It took like 10 minutes after restart for the error to go away. Of course most of you may already know that as I’m always late to the party.

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