Immediate notification of event (including snapshot)

Wishing there was a snapshot / still picture option to record when motion sensor detects movement, instead of video only. Many security cameras have the option to record pictures, WYZE should implement that function - PLEASE

I agree, this would be fabulous. I wouldn’t necessarily need it for every part of the detection zone, but if at some point, we’re able to designate sectors that could be higher priority (front gate/door and driveway for my existing cam, back door/yard gate for future ones), I would like to be notified ASAP, rather than waiting. Being able to designate sectors would enable me to set those areas as high priority, resulting in real time notification so I could take immediate action, versus lower priority slightly delayed notification if a cat crossed my yard.

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From what I’ve timed it feels like we receive event notification from Wyze cam when ,
event occurs +

  • 12s of video recording(x) +
  • y seconds to upload the video to cloud

so, even when instantaneous, we are already delayed by 12+y seconds to get notification.

I wanted to know if community has felt the same and if so- can the notification be decoupled from footage ? I am using iPhone

I had a situation where I needed to talk to postman when he was at my house to deliver but by the time I receive event notification- he is already gone. in event footage I can see him walking up and dropping package.

Only if the notification was instant I could have used live stream to communicate with him. Wyze developers- what do you think? could an event immediately add an entry into our app and have a place holder for video footage to follow up in few seconds?

One possibility may be a Wyze Sense motion sensor. I have them and the notification is usually instant. Plus the motion sensor is PIR so because it detects heat/motion, there are very few false alarms from things like wind.

yup, that would certainly work but I don’t see a point of setting up motion sensor when wyze cam is already there. I do see benefit of avoiding false alarms but I am waiting on wyze outdoor cams for that :smiley:
I feel, as a developer, it just makes sense to have decoupled notification - this would be better user experience regardless of this requirement and it would add a lot more possibility into wyze cam.


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I just purchased a Wyze 2 Cam but feeling not to secure with this right now. I would have never bought it if I knew it what I think I know now. unless of course I owned a pet it would be an ok with it as pet camera as long as the pet don’t have an emergency. I mean what is the point of owning a security camera if it don’t help you feel more secure. I feel this camera usefulness is like a cctv camera that are in stores just good for police investigations after an event has taken place… or I only need security cameras that notify me as it detects motion not after the mail thief has came and gone 12 seconds is long time in terms of footage 3 seconds is a long time at least enough to do the 25 yard dash well not me but a thief with a adrenaline rush. Or I’m missing something in the settings

Allow Wyze person detection to function more rapidly instead of the usual 12-15 second delay.

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All Wyze needs to do is look at some of the others camera vendors that have overcome these limitations. If it involves $$$ put it to a customer based vote. Many people are willing to pay a little more to get substantial improvements…

Was that a statement or a question? I’m confused.

I do believe that was a statement or a request probably not a question


It was a wishlist request merged to this thread.

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It would be great to have the option to save a motion event as a snapshot instead of just a video.

I’m looking at doing a whole house set up, I watched a video on youtube where a ring camera sent a notification in under 4 seconds, the wyze camera took 29 seconds. This is the only thing that is preventing me from buying Wyze. I don’t want to spend over $1,000 on Ring when I could get all Wyze for less than $200, but 30 seconds is too long.

I wish they would fix this.

My biggest wish is that the now years long issue of delayed notifications for Android users gets fixed, so that the many non iPhone users can also enjoy real time notifications … as opposed to getting a flood of them long after the fact when we unlock our phones screens. Otherwise the core group of products wyze offers- cams and sense devices- are little more than toys if you own an Android phone.

Seems that WYZE is still in denial that Android users notifications do not push through a locked home screen till at least 10 minutes or sometimes far longer after the fact…This is NOT the same as the delay caused by the time it takes to complete an event video to send the push. My “Wish” request got lumped into this thread, which has nothing to do with the Android bug that seriously needs to get resolved.

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Thirty seconds? Try 10 minutes or more on a screen locked Android phone.

I use a ifttt application and that notifies me instantly when motion is detected on my iPhone… BUT a full 17 seconds pass before I get the motion detected notification from the camera and to my Alexa device.

Push notifications are 20+ seconds to send to your phone. Wyze says this is the normal time. Please update/develope to send 5 seconds or less like all of the other competitive cameras out there.
Thank You in advance.

That’s never going to happen. I’ve complained about this for ages as have others. These cameras and push notifications are great for viewing “things that were” but not for “things that are happening now.” My Ring and Nest cameras notify me instantly… not 20 seconds after they are triggered. That’s a huge reason why I won’t buy into their security system, either. I need security systems to be instant… besides the fact that their system is completely dead for monitoring if the WiFi goes out. They have no cellular backup.

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