Images of App (CamHipro) showing handy features suchs as Memory usage, Alarm recording, Alarm Linkage setup

Here are four screen shots of CamHipro’s user features that I find useful and are often requested here. I use this app with Zilink outdoor camera. The Alarm management has two screen shots given it has a lot of features. I like the SD card setup which allows me to play the alarms, download them and on the second screen shot it shows the amount of memory used and the option to clear the memory. Perhaps Wyze could subcontract these?


Thanks for your #wishlist request. The way the #wishlist works, the requests need to specific single-function topics spelled out separately, not already on the #wishlist or #roadmap, or already in the app.

Some of what you have here already exists in the app (eg. SD card space available and format SD card). Some features have already been requested in #wishlist (eg. siren).

So we ask that you do a search in #wishlist and #roadmap. If you don’t find the requests for individual features there, and they don’t already exist in the app, please re-submit your wishes as individual single-feature request.