Ignoring differential temperature

Has anyone else noticed their thermostat has been ignoring their set differential temperature …?

Mine is at 3°

But will heat or cool after a 1° differential temperature …

My thermostat FW is 1.2.5

Mine is doing the same thing. I have to manually go and change it and hit save, every morning because it reverts back to default setting of 1 degree.

Note what the Description says:

This setting determines how far from the set point the Thermostat will allow the Temp to go before turning on or off

So the way I read it, you are still in Tolerance. It is 71 in the house, but you indicated that it can go to 73 or 67 because of the 3 degree differential.

Mine is currently set to .5 degrees. so when it gets .5 degrees off the set temp, the AC or Heat will kick in.

BTW: I am 1.2.7

Not quite. He’s showing that his AC kicked on when it hit 71. When it should be kicking on when he hits 73. I’m having the same exact issue.

Interesting. I took it that it has been on. Maybe that is why I am not experiencing it, because I am set to .5 differential.

Question: Are Remote Sensors Involved. Here is why I am asking, the Remote Sensor plays a part in the House Temp. However, What is the Temp on the Actual T-Stat? Is that within the 3 degrees? Maybe the Differential Temp applies to the Main T-Stat only as the remote sensors have its own Differential Temp

Make Sense?

I don’t think so. It says it’s 71 in his house, indicating that he does have remote sensors. But, those temps get sent to the main thermostat where all of the temps (including the main unit) get averaged. And that’s what displays on your panel.

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Also, having your differential set to 0.5 increases the risk of short-cycling. How long does your AC run before shutting off? If it’s less than 10 minutes then you’re doing damage to your compressor and using more electricity (starting the compressor draws the most power).

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That is True, but some items only correlate to the Main T-Stat. However, I tend to agree that this may be an issue. I would make sure that you reach out to Wyze and open a ticket and also provide a Log as well. The Log will help track this down.

I will also see if I can get eyes on this thread.

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Oh yea I still notice that sometimes the thermostat will turn on when it’s 1⁰ above the set temperature

So even with the temp differential set to 3⁰ , when the thermostat is set to cool to 70⁰, it’ll cut on at 71⁰… Shouldn’t it only cut on when it goes up to 73⁰

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No, it will run for an appropriate amount of time. I have been extremely happy with my setup and functioning. No short Cycling going on. I cam from the Ecobee T-Stat which is a nice device. It allow syou to set a remote sensor as the primary T-Stat and removes the Main Device from its formula. This is a great feature which I am hoping Wyze will eventually add. :slight_smile:

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When Reading the Description, that is implied. But I am sure there are other factors which play into this. Such as the Behavior setting. I am set to Better Comfort. I do know if you set it to max savings (or something like that) the temp swing will be different than what I have set.

I will see if we can get eyes on this.

I have my “Behavior” set to “Max Savings”.

Side question: I’m on 1.2.7 as well. Is that the latest firmware? I’m assuming that the thermostat updates automatically because I don’t see any options on the device itself.

Yes it is. 1.2.7 is the latest. I also signed up for the Beta Test versions when they are available.

When an update is available, you will be prompted when you enter the T-Stat Device Page or you go to the Firmware Updates Page and see what is available.

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There was another person who had a similar issue, and we realized from his log that he leaves the page too fast before it saves. I’m not sure if that will help, but I wanted to throw it out there.

I will still ask our engineer about this and @Rulwiz 's issue.


Thanks for the update on this. Looking forward to what is found.

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I had already thought about that. So, I hit save and stay on that page while watching my wifi arrows for traffic. Then I move to the main temperature page and wait for awhile more, all while making sure my wifi arrows are transmitting. Once I do this in the morning, I’m good for the whole day. However, whenever I wake up the next day, the thermostat kicks on at 1 degree differential. I go to Advanced page and it still says 2°F differential, but it’s not doing that. So, I have to click it, swipe up and back to 2°F and click save. Rinse and repeat, everyday.

@GraveyardSky I see, that is indeed odd. Would you mind submitting a log and providing it here? I will ask him to look into it. @Rulwiz too :slight_smile:


I haven’t experienced the issue in a while, do you mind if I wait and when I notice it then I can submit a log.

Idk how long it’ll be honestly but I will try and keep an eye out for it

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No problem!

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Log ID is 1062855.