Ignore Motion Detection for events under X seconds



There are ways to adjust how likely you are to receive a false alert like this. The first is the motion detection sensitivity slider in your Wyze Cam’s Alert Settings. The slider has a range of 1-100 and will adjust the percentage of changed pixels that are necessary to generate an alert. At the lower sensitivity levels (going toward 1), more pixels will be needed to trigger recording an alert video. At higher sensitivity levels (moving toward 100), fewer pixels have to be changed before an alert video is generated. Please note that this does not mean 1% of the pixels to 100% of the pixels in the image. You can still receive an alert even if you have the sensitivity set to 100 and not all of the pixels have changed. If you have been receiving too many false alerts, turning down the sensitivity should help



my understanding from my work, the Dlink and what ive seen from Wyze is its a % of change, and a % of area change, balanced somehow internal. so either large changes (black to suddenly very light) or large areas (clouds rolling over a sunny field) will set it off. So lower sensitivity means a larger change in either of those 2, higher means a smaller change before its set off. Im not sure how the time domain fits in, for wyze, but i have seen bugs (bright white streaks) that last only 2-3 frames set off the trigger.

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Thanks for the info. I guess I could have searched better…sorry to make you do the work for me :slight_smile:


Thank you. Actually, I looked it up my self a few days ago, so while it was still fresh in my mind, I knew exactly where to go.


Yea I think you are correct.
Especially today. It is quite windy here and the trees are creating dancing shadows that all the cameras are going bonkers with. Since these cameras don’t use true motion detection but rather pixel changes, makes it even more important that some sort of pixel detection delay be incorporated into the software as the best solution. Maybe also allowing us the ability to adjust the delay…like we can with the sensitivity settings.

Yes, today wind is pinging my phone constantly with notices. I have 4 cameras outside or pointing out side so sun and wind is wreaking havoc. Today would be a good day to have profiles set for windy sunny conditions. Changing the sensitivity and/or detection zones on four cameras takes time. My events list will be long today.

Snow is a pretty big issue here, especially when the night vision is on, If it’s snowing at night, I am guaranteed to get pretty much constant sd card event recording with little green boxes streaking across the video. I wonder if it would be possible to combine the motion detection with an infrared detector in a future camera and have a setting that only triggers when both sensors detect something. The infrared sensing cameras I have do not trigger on snow, but the sun / shadows sets them off all the time during the day, when the wyze is completely unaffected.

YES! The only issue we have with our setup is that we get an alert from the camera in our garage when the garage door opener’s light turns OFF a few minutes after it closes the door. Voted!!!


I voted yes - but would definitely like configurable option for more than 1 second (1-5 would work for me).

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Great idea. I live in front of a busy street and at night headlights seem to trigger it a lot.


I’m not sure this will help much with the headlights. I also live on a busy street and at a corner on top of that. Car headlights sweep my front, side and back yards setting off up to four different cameras. Setting a time delay to ignore headlights is probably going to ignore everything else too. You may end up cancelling all the benefits of motion detection. YMMV


agree! I installed a separate IR source across the way from my camera, but I still get bugs attracted to the IR lights of the Wyze. An “IR off” feature would be a great solution. In the meantime, I am considering the “tape over” option.

If you do, I’d like to know if the second Ir source draws them away. Someone said they didn’t think it would help and after watching hundreds of flying bugs set off notices, I’m not so sure how much it will help. It’s not like you see moths banging their heads against a light bulb, it’s mostly fly-by’s.

Also ignore sound detection events shorter than XX seconds.

this sound like a very good idea. less events to wade through for users, and less storage/load for Wyze servers.

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This was mentioned a couple of months ago, I’m glad it’s on the road map .
If this is possible, I think it should be a high priority to implement it , It would make me and a whole lot of users Life Much more pleasurable , Especially those of us that have a lot of cams

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Seems 90% of my events are triggered by <1 seconds of floating dust either indoors or outdoors. Adjusting the sensitivity between 100 and 0 has minimal effect on this. That dust particle just will not be ignored. There’s got to be a better solution than “sensitivity”.


Any idea if or when Motion detection delay would be implemented? My Wyze cams that I have indoor looking at my office as well as my Wyze cams that are looking outside are constantly sending notifications during the day when a cloud goes by or from the shadows of trees waving in the wind or a bug flying by. I’ve had to turn off Night Vision on the outdoor cameras just to cut back on the continued motion detection from bugs, rain, dust, etc.
Second request…and I may be the only one…but approximately half the time when motion is detected, I may not get a notification alert for up to 10 minutes. Kinda defeats the purpose of security if it was a burglar since he would be long gone by the time I got any notification. On the times that I get faster alerts, they can take up to 30 seconds before I get anything. Certainly better than 10 minutes, but still kinda slow. My other security cameras from other manufactures, usually send alerts within a couple of seconds of the detection. Much better when you have someone at your door and need to respond.

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For implementation plays, all I can offer is that your see the tag definitions here:

For delayed notifications, read and follow this topic:

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Hey Wyze Developers, have there been any consideration for creating a Motion Detection delay feature (say a slider between 1 to 5 seconds) for the Wyze cam? Seems quite a few people are coming to the Community with this issue.
Whether it’s my Wyze cams I have inside or outside, any change in lighting (passing clouds) to bugs to waving shadows from trees, even Rain will set all my cameras off. I get multiple, multiple notifications through out the day no matter what sensitivity setting I have my Cams on.
Sure would greatly reduce the myriad number of false alerts I get each day or night.
As a (sort of) work around, I have turned off Night vision and reduced the size of the detection zone to the bare minimum in order to keep as much of what is setting off my cameras from being detected.
I still get plenty of false alerts (from 30 to 40 per day on a windy day to maybe 10 to 15 per day) but obviously I am risking missing some important motion because of this work around.
How about it? Has there been any discussions on implementing motion detection delays?