Ignore Motion Detection for events under X seconds

There must be some documentation around here of how to best couple the motion detector sensor with the regular camera recording / event flagging. Someone said you can largely avoid the horrible 5 minute cooldown period where your camera becomes useless.

5 minute cool down? I think you made a typo. Lol. Mine is notifying me every 5 seconds. I had to turn them off. That feature has always been useless to me.

Talking about camera events recorded. The cameras become effectively useless for 5 minutes after every recorded event. Lots of threads including: 5 minute cooldown, A solution

Really tired of getting false alerts from just a bug flying by. I am only concerned with people or animals in my yard and home.

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Their new investor pitch video clearly mocks their competitors for doing that. It’s… cognitively dissonant.

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Person detection is already available:


There’s a separate #wishlist topic for animal detection:

How can you turn off motion sensors ? I thought I only had set “persons” but I get bug movements which I don’t want.

For each cam → Camera Settings ( gear in top right of screen ) → Notifications → make sure “All Other Motion” is unchecked.

Thanks so much. It was really irritating to see them.

Insects are a significant source of motion detection clips. So that those clips don’t continue creating huge lists of events to manually filter through, please create a model similar to what was done for person detection in order to filter these motion detection events out or prevent motion detection from even being initiated.

The insect flybys would be easily handled by setting a 1-3 second notification threshold. It’s been formally requested for something like 3 years and they just won’t do it.

Edit: silly me, that is THIS thread :slight_smile:


New (yet old) suggestion for those waiting years for this seemingly simple feature request - turn off the LED lights (but leave night IR mode on / auto). This really cuts down or eliminates the bug issues at least. However it does NOTHING to prevent the same issue with birds. That is still happening for me all the time.

So this feature request is still much needed, please.

Please add the option to notify only after so many seconds of movement. This would help eliminate many if not all detection errors. No insect errors, tree leaf errors, shadow errors, etc. Person detection wouldn’t even be needed!

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This wishlist item is similar to what you are interested in.

This might be extremely helpful to this issue: Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features - #98 by jls4wheeler

if Wyze implements this

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Yes thank you. The first comment was that it would be looked at after CES in January 2019. I think the person detection wouldn’t even be needed if this was done!


Unfortunately, there are quite a few wishlist items that seem to be in limbo.

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I have discovered a solution for the mass event gathering, fleeting insect, blowing dust, moving particulate videos that absolutely clog our events page. This will 100% solve the problem of countless videos showing the blip of a bug or the flash of a piece of dust. I took the offending camera’s down and replaced them with a different brand. No more twelve second videos of one second bugs. They’re working perfectly.

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weird, I did the same thing, and have the same results. plus, it made my videos 4X higher resolution!

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Also, since all those false positives are being stored on the cloud, you’d think having this would greatly reduce their storage requirements, making storage cheaper for them.