Ignore Motion Detection for events under X seconds

Agreed. The costs that Wyze is bearing for cloud storage on unwanted events / false triggers has to be astounding. From a bottom line perspective, adding more enhanced motion detection filtering and coming up with their own internal person detection should be top priorities. Plus it keeps us customers happy.

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Just added my vote for a feature like this. I’m fairly new to Wyze and have 2 cams installed now INDOORS going for 3 days. Over the 3 nights, I’ve had 50+ false motion events triggered between the two cameras with pretty much every single one due to lighting changes from a large window that gives light into my apartment. And more specifically due to the cosntant flipping on/off of night mode during the same 2.5-3 hr window every morning/afternoon.

Having a rule to ignore motion less than x seconds would address this. This is by far my biggest annoyance at the moment. Seems crazy to me that the camera is in control of switching night mode yet still generates all these false events resulting from that switching (even just ignoring motion for 1-2 seconds after switching night mode on or off would have eliminated 45 of those 50 false motion events!)

Also would be nice to have this feature actually not log or save the clips if the motion is less than the specified threshold length. Would reduce a ton of clutter when reviewing clips (and as mentioned save Wyze hosting costs).

Great wish for improvement!

Although I would pref. that the AI would handle the “light difference issue” without any further action from the CAM owner - It might be included since the “person detection” is “off” the co-operation again? Anyway, those false positives regarding lights in a monitored room is really a pain in the b… I’we playing with zone-exclusion, lowering sensitivity etc. - but none has good results. I guess it should be included in software/firmware.

I have a swinging bird feeder, an fan blade in a an AC unit next to my boat, a night bug that zooms across the camera all night long, etc., the camera’s pick up all of these motions as an event and logs them for view. I get many of these false indicators every day. I would like to see Wyze Cam put a feature in their camera’s the allow you to flag these false events and ignore their motion.

How do you area block out a flying bug? You could wait for the new person detection to be available, or get the Wyze sense with the infrared sensor. With sensor, it should only detect heated object movement. Then you just set the camera to trigger on the sensor to record event.

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Great idea. Even on super low sensitivity my apartment detects motion when the sun comes through the patio sliding glass door in the morning causes the camera to go from night to day mode. Should be a way to eliminate these under a second light changes.

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I just got a few cameras yesterday and I think in under 24 hours we had a few hundred notifications with very low sensitivity just because of lightning, bugs, dust, and rain.

I’m somewhat surprised this isn’t a higher priority (mayber-later at time of writing) since eliminating some of these false-positives or small changes would reduce the amount of storage required on AWS.

We set them up as security cameras, but after getting hundreds of notifications for rain drops or lightning my wife has already shut off notifications on them.

I think the best way would have it be opt-in/out and just have it ignore or auto-delete motion detection less than 1 second, and notify users if it lasts longer than that. I would sacrifice a few seconds between motion and notification for less than a 300 false-positive notifications.


its surprising to me too because my OLD Dlink cameras (which were the reason i made this thread) had this, as well as the newer TPLINK cameras. They actually have 1,3,5 second intervals, which is nice. if the TPLINK had an SD card, i would have switched them all over to them by now. they also have plugs (that dont burn up), in wall switches, and a nice app. only worry is they’re not US based :confused:

Don’t even get me started on spider webs. They shimmer…activating every 5 minutes.

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LOL! I feel your pain! Spider webs have been the bane of just about every outdoor security camera I have had to joy to work with. When they’re not triggering false motion alerts, the web reflection blinds the camera’s night vision as bad or worse than any window pane. Have tried dryer sheets, bug spray, evil chemicals and training people to walk around and gently clean the cams frequently with a very soft bristled broom. I believe the only long term low maintenance solution for some environments is to turn off the camera IR and place a separate IR illuminator some distance away. While even some pro grade cams don’t have this setting, Wyze does allow turning the IR off while leaving night vision on. An incredibly useful feature! :grin: But I definitely agree that the inability to ignore momentary events is a very annoying shortcoming that needs fixing! :face_with_head_bandage:

What about maybe being able to adjust that time as well. If you wish to increase that to maybe 5 seconds or something like that.

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yep, would be a very big deal considering the detection thing !! Hope they realize it’s important !

I just noticed this was originally suggested back in January 2019 and now has almost 900 users voting in favour of adding it. What does it take to get such a simple thing added to the software?

Wyze. Are you listening? With all the resources available to you, could you please stop one second activities creating 12 second event videos. They’re worthless and are the Achilles Heel of this product. How many times do you have to hear it? Think you’ve lost scope of your core product and your core customer base.



Hello? Anyone there? How can you by any chance go on selling those v2 cams with a (to be honest) [Mod Edit] motion detection (failing big time). It’s like you guys WONT listen/read our postings! That’s bad & sad!

#LookingForAnotherHWsolution. :wink:

/Unhappy guy!

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If everyone submits all their sub one second triggered video clips, maybe they might notice it’s an issue. I’m going to start. It just takes one click onto the submit button. If just a fraction of users do this, it will be 1000’s more of useless videos brought to their attention. Obviously chatting here does nothing.

If they would stop making pointless junk (watch, scale, light bulbs, etc) they could focus more on the problem everyone wants fixed. It can’t be that hard to do. The feature is useless. There’s enty of other cameras out there that are in the same price point that can do the same thing.


I totally agree with you. Lack of focus on their core product (video surveillance products).
Why try to compete in the scale and watch categories which are entrenched.

Especially with all the flaws like motion detection, person detection removal, embedded geo-fencing instead of relying on IFFT… … better support for families and sharing other “wishlist” items that everyone wants like an outdoor camera, Higher quality contact (V2) sensors with less false triggers or stuck states… temperature/humidity sensors that integrate in the platform, etc. All the resources should be poured into this space.

I totally agree. They should be perfecting their main product before introducing new ones. The facet that they haven’t fixed this issue or even responded shows that they’ve moved on.

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