IFTTT problem with wyzecam v2 after last upgrade

Hi all,
It’s Carlos, from Barcelona (Spain)
I’ve a problem since the last firmware update, made last week. Before that, I had my v2 configured to activate and deactivate the motion sensor when I leave or arrive home, but now I can’t display my device in the drop down menu of ITTTT.
It shows the message: “could not load configuration data, please try again later” when I enter on the option inside IFTTT apk.
The drop down menu remains blank showing “loading…”
Do you’ve the same problem? any solution?
Here you’ve some pictures.

Thanks a lot

Same problem here: IFTTT disconnects - #2 by fredy.ab9326

aah I didnt seen before.
sorry, richard. I will check it
thanks for the advice