Ifttt "no options found" for "motion sensor becomes clear"

only about 1/2 the triggers for my v2 are available in ifttt. the first 4 options will work, the the one i want, “motion sensor becomes clear” wont. ifttt will turn on a smart light when wyze detects motion, but then i cant turn it off :confused:
i’ve tried reconnecting to ifttt, rebooting the cam, restarting the cam, re-authenticating, and nothing works so far.
and what is “contact sensor opens”??

It won’t “work” because “Motion sensor becomes clear” is not a camera trigger, but a wyse motion sensor trigger.

Contact sensor opens is for the wyze contact sensors.

The bottom four in this image as for Contact and Motion sensors only.

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what is a contact sensor

See this page: Home Monitoring & Automation – Wyze


ok, i get it…“contact sensor” is exactly that