IFTTT disconnects

My Wyze cam V2 keeps disconnecting from IFTTT. I can reconnect it by logging in IFTTT from Wyze but it will disconnect again in, usually, about two days. I have tried completely removing my IFTTT appellate and connection, then recreating a new appellate and connection as has been suggested but it still will disconnect.

The IFTTT apellet says it is still connected but the device settings say “options unavailable” and if you click on the connected slider you get the error message “There was an error updating this connection”.

IFTTT is thus not usable for me.

Any ideas?

The same thing happens to me with IFTTT connecting wyze sense with a sonoff plug

FYI: Sonoff has discontinued support for IFTTT unless you pay.

This illustrates a fundamental trouble with these things. The hardware is dependent on continuous internet support from companies that may eliminate it at any time making the device useless unless you give them more money.

Hi all,
It’s Carlos, from Barcelona (Spain)
I wrote a new post before because I didn’t see yours.
Let me explain that I exposed in it:

I’ve a problem since the last firmware update, made last week. Before that, I had my v2 configured to activate and deactivate the motion sensor when I leave or arrive home, but now I can’t display my device in the drop down menu of ITTTT.
It shows the message: “could not load configuration data, please try again later” when I enter on the option inside IFTTT apk.
The drop down menu remains blank showing “loading…”
Do you’ve the same problem? any solution?
Here you’ve some pictures.


Called support and they said they would refer the problem to their engineers

Hello. Today it works. :slight_smile: