IFTT stuck on loading camera choice

Has anyone else had issues where IFTT saying loading cameras for wyze, but it never identifies a camera choice? This has always occurred. I have uninstalled and reinstalled IFTT. I have also tried this on apple and android devices.

IN IFTTT I had to go to wyze, then settings , then edit , and sign in with my wyze count and then my cameras showed up after that

Are you using Android or iPhone?

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Gotcha. The application on iOS is unusable since they “updated” it to a new interface. I was following your steps hoping you had found a magic solution when I realized you were probably on Android.

I am not too savvy with IFTTT just been checking it out last couple days seems like there’s not really many options for wyze or I just don’t know how to find them .
I don’t know why you can’t set up something for 2 or 3 cameras is just one or all, I don’t get that

Their interface is extremely non-intuitive. You have to do everything 1 device at a time seemingly no group options. To be honest I have managed to find other ways to accomplish what I was using IFTTT for.

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I’m hoping they will integrate with smart things then I will buy a smart things hub