If using MicroSD card, is the Web storage still being used?

Hello, I am looking at this camera for use at my acreage. Rural internet accounts have very limited data usage caps, often 100GB or less per month.

If I install a microSD card, is it still streaming video to the AWS as well?

Second question: If I view footage off my SD card through the app when on the same network as the camera, is the footage staying on my local network, or is it going out to the cloud through the app then back to my device (ie this would be using upload data). If it is only feeding through the local network it won’t count against my cap.

I am trying to determine how much or little data this camera will use.

You can record full time to the microSD card while having alert videos turned off. I don’t think you can record alerts-only to the SD card without also having them go to cloud. The cameras use 1-2MB per minute in SD video or 4-7MB per minute in HD video. The cloud alert videos are 15 seconds at most every 5 minutes, typically a lot less than that. You can do the math, but the alert videos should not blow out your data cap.

As far as I know, the video stream when watching live or playing back, it does go out to AWS servers and then back to the app, so it would be using your data (twice). You can, however, remove the card from the camera and watch it on a computer.