If I use an SD card can I still get notifications?

I have a few of these V’s and live them and currently don’t use an SD card. If I use an SD card will I still get notifications for motion so I can known where to review footage for stuff that is captured? Also is there a limit to the amount of cameras the app supports? I have three but am planning to replace my Amcrest ptz’s with Wyzecams.

I have an SD card, and I still get motion notifications with a clip that has a time stamp that I can then use to extract more detailed footage from the SD card.


So I can still view the clip like normal, I would just have longer footage since it is an ad card?

The mSD card recording is totally separate from the Alerts clips. So, yes, you can use the Alert as information about where to look in the longer mSD card footage.

The mSD card can be set to record continuously, or to only save video in which motion has occurred (in 1-minute long segments).

There is no limit to the number of cameras linked to the app. We are hoping for some interface improvements that will allow for less scrolling to find the camera you want to view for those with a large number of cameras.