Identifying motion on continuous recording

First-time poster so forgive me if this has been answered. I skimmed through to try to find an easier way to quickly view motion on continuous recording outside of manually scanning through by hand. I am sure it is easier if I removed the SD card and viewed it on my computer but I thought it might be a way to determine motion like with “record events only”.

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Hello @Sledge and welcome to the community.

If you are using continuous recording the easiest way to find motion would be to look at the cloud event and hit the playback button which would take you to that point on the SD card.

What I prefer to do is record Events Only, the way that works is records a video every minute, if there was motion in that minute it keeps that 60 second video, if not it deletes it. The only issue at that point would be maybe the motion starts 40 seconds into the video, but you will at least know that for every minute there is video there will be some kind of motion in it.