Ideas to improve Air Purifier 'Return to Clean Air'

The GPS usage and Return to Clean Air is a great feature.

One way to further improve is ‘Return to Clean Air’ should be per device and not in the cloud.

Let’s take the example of a person with two devices, like a tablet and a phone. The person leaves the house with their phone and without their tablet. The phone, outside the geo-fence should trigger the air purifier to turn off. The tablet should not keep the air purifier turned on, even though it is inside the geo-fence.

In the scenario that there are two people, each with a phone, one phone leaves and one phone stays. In this example, because there is one device, with ‘Return to Clean Air’ inside the geo-fence, the Air Purifier should remain on.

At the present time, it appears the only workaround is do not allow access to location on devices that you do not wish to participate in geo-fencing logic.

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My understanding is that there is a team working on improvements to geofencing rules that can take into account multiple accounts/devices. I am guessing this is a long-term project.

For now, I would recommend voting on the following Wishlist item which currently has the status of “Researching.” Adding your support and comments here about it will help it continue to be in conversations and have the attention of Wyze. The VP of Product said they do review things on the wishlist on a weekly basis. So please add your examples and rationales and suggestions there where it is applicable to the teams doing the researching:

And don’t forget to vote for it. I have added my vote because I also look forward to this.


I don’t understand. What is Return to Clean Air?

Basically it watches your location, and when you are within something like 3 miles of getting home, it will turn up the air purifier to to make sure that by the time you arrive home you have fresh air there.


Why is this even an included feature? Seems to me it would be better to just leave it on Auto all the time and let it keep the air in the house clean all day and all night, even when you aren’t home.

That’s what I do too, just leave it on Auto. It could be a nice feature for someone who doesn’t care if the air is clean while they are gone. They can set a schedule to have it hibernate while they’re away and only have it on when they get home…similar to what people do with their heat and AC. They probably had that in mind.

I agree with you about leaving it in auto though, it seems better in general.

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But this makes no sense to not have it on all the time, as it needs a lot of time to get all the air filtered. The heat and AC thing isn’t a good comparison because you can feel them rather quickly after turning them on when getting home, plus they use way more electricity and or gas, so it would make no sense to keep them on when not home, unless of course someone lives in extreme temps.

Theirs a few reason why I don’t have geo fencing turned on or Return to clear air on the purifier .

Being away from home , I would love to run the unit on auto 24/7 but I’m not home much so having a unit clean the air while no one is their is pointles

You’re wasting the filters life by running to on auto 24/7 .

Currently I only run my unit when im actually in the same room as the device . And then I set it to sleep when I’m sleeping…

I have a rule set to turn it off when I leave my house

Yeah, I see what you’re getting at, and it’s a good insight.
Though when I think about it, to some degree it seems like whether you clean the air constantly or let it build up high then clean it all at once, you will still use the filter close to the same amount and collect close to the same amount of particles if your house is sealed properly. So I would think it probably doesn’t change things too much.

On the other hand, if the insulation is bad or there are abnormal air leaks in the house, then it makes a lot of sense to only run it when you’re present because otherwise there’s a neverending stream of new particles constantly leaking in.

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On a side note, homes that are air tight and completely sealed are not really a good thing because it can be flooded with carbon dioxide from the occupants and pets. This is a real thing and people should be aware of it.

It’s actually not pointless to have the air cleaned while you aren’t there because having less dust in your house is always a good thing.

I am not a pro in the home construction business, but a friend of mine told me that it has gone through phases of people thinking it should be air tight, then not, and back and forth many times. He said what it boils down to is that if you have good, proper mechanical ventilation then air tight is absolutely superior and best. If you don’t have good/proper mechanical ventilation then you want holes/leaks in your house, though there will be problems with that, including increased energy costs/wasted energy, poor indoor air quality and potentially increased mold. Air tight will also cause bad air quality and mold if there isn’t proper mechanical ventilation, hence why you want leaks if your mechanical ventilation isn’t good.

For both kinds of housing, air purifiers bring a lot of benefits…the scheduling of it can depend on what kind of ventilation situation a person has though, and what they’re trying to accomplish.

How does mechanical ventilation keep a house air tight? I don’t know how mechanical ventilation works, never had a house with it. But if outside air is being vented into a house, then it’s not air tight, probably filtered air but still not air tight. So yes, a house needs air so we aren’t flooded with carbon dioxide but that doesn’t mean the house has so many leaks that it get filled with pollen and other particulate matter.

It is pointless . As someone who’s not home much having the unit run when theirs no one their is pointless. You’re running down the filter life and also using up electricity. I only turn mine on when I’m in the exact room of where the unit is . And when I leave I have a location rule that turns it off when I leave my house.

It’s just how I use my device . I would love to run it 24/7 but to me that’s pointless. Especially with the costs of these filters , so it’ll be more often we have to buy them and they are not cheap.

But to each their own :slight_smile:

Yes, it reduces the filter life but your house will have less dust buildup. And yes, it will use electricity but so does leaving a light on when you’re not home too. But I do agree that the filters are too expensive for how long they last. A bigger unit with bigger filters would last longer. But this is what Wyze does, make inexpensive products that cost us more in the long run. Just look at their handheld vacuum that uses a tiny HEPA filter, it gets dirty quickly because it’s so small. And even though it’s washable it can take a day or more to fully dry and it won’t last forever, and expensive to replace. I’m so close to abandoning the Wyze ecosystem altogether because not one of their products hasn’t had an issue.

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