Ideas for Wyze Mesh Router v2

This would be a perfect replacement for my current router, except I need the additional LAN ports for my network setup. 4 LAN ports would be good, in my opinion. Thanks!

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Adding 2 additional Ethernet ports to the already designed and marketed Mesh Router will neccessitate a product redesign. Therefore, your wishlist submission has been changed to a compilation topic that covers user ideas for a next generation (v2) Mesh Router.


Add a 4-8 port unmanaged switch to your output port.


That’s how I have my current mesh systems set up. :+1:

NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch


Same, I actually have a Netgear 5 port switch


Let me pile on with the switch suggestion… get a $20-30 8 port switch and problem solved.


Agree with the switch idea.
Also, would suggest NAS functionality via external USB drive.

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I bought this guy for under $20

8 port gigabit switch switch. Problem solved. No need to make the router more expensive, generating more heat and using more processor/RAM, etc, for the people who don’t need more than 2… :slight_smile:


Allow the Wyze Mesh routers to be powered via POE (Power over Ethernet).

This would allow the APs to be easily placed where wi-fi is needed (not in my IT closet) while taking full advantage of wired backhaul already offered.

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That would be convenient.

There are lots of POE adapters, so it might work to use those.

I have noticed that it’s rare for any routers to support being powered by POE which makes me think that POE doesn’t generate enough power to do this well especially since the power will continually degrade the longer the cord is.

It would be nice to have more flexibility and fewer cords if it is possible effective.

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A router powered over POE probably a rare thing. However, a POE access point is quite available.

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Oh, it doesn’t just use the regular ethernet ports? I’ve never used PoE yet, so I just assumed it used any Ethernet port. Does it have to have a special port for it to power other devices?