Ideas for Wyze Cam V3

I love the v3, however not much digital zoom in the software.
Is there any plans to be the first small outdoor camera with an optical zoom maybe screw in base to give users the option of 10 X to maybe 24 X optical Zoom?


That’s the best idea yet.

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Power outage or a thief throwing the circuit breaker will completely disable the Wyze Cam v3, unfortunately. If a battery could be added in the camera, this would make it much more useful. One of the ways the Wyze cams are unique compared to many competitors is the storage locally in the camera on SD card, which gives you a backup for if the network is down. Having a backup for if the power is down only makes sense. The battery would only need to last a few hours for most power outages, but from the Wyze Outdoor Cam release video, the developers indicated a battery could power the regular cam for nearly a day. If that battery could just be added to the Wyze Cam v3, it would be a great addition. Arlo pro series does this well.


I want to watch a bird feeder and other farther away objects. The current wide angle is just way too wide for this use case.

I see there is a YouTube video with a guy disassembling a wyze cam to swap in a generic lens but I’d like a version to be able to order the cam built with the longer lens.


Why not ask for a V4 with an optical zoom? Maybe then the v3 will have an RTSP capability :grin:

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A Wyze Cam 3 camera with an optional or built-in medium-range (5X-10X max) zoom lens.

Would be a perfect choice for watching more distant areas of the property or to spy on the birdies feeding at the feeder and Chromecasting on the TV… :grinning:

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Place it into a small red plastic box with a hole for the lens; it will look like a fire alarm or sensor or something… :wink:

We live across the road from a housing development, when cars turn out at night the glare of the headlights across our front door (outside cam) causes false positives for motion; like 20 a night. And flying insects attracted by the IR leds.

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How about a D Cell! Jk

Would live to have a v3 with an internal battery and solar panel to power it.

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It would essentially be a useful outdoor cam, rather than the current implementation of the outdoor cam.

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I would like to add this new Rule/Feature for voting, per advise from Wyze customer support Please vote.

  • Event: Motion Detected on Wyze Cam V3

Trigger: Change/Increase Brightness on Wyze Bulb OR Change color on Wyze Bulb Color.

Duration: Only change/increase Brightness as long as motion is detected on Wyze Cam v3. Go back to previous brightness/color on Bulb when NO motion is detected on Wyze Cam v3.

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You’ve got to put that in the wishlist.

Since alot of indoor gardeners use these cams in their gardens…maybe try to develop a filter that can see plant health…with colors…so you could see if plants are unhealthy…greenhouse/indoor for plants…just a segment I think you could get hooked …your prices are always on point. .so of it’s affordable the community will gobble it up…

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I would like to see the ability to change the recording length and recording cooldown on this device. My upload speed is rubbish on my broadband and i would like to be able to change how long the clip records for etc.

I know this feature is available on another wyze cam so I’m sure it could be added to this device.


I would really like this as well! Quick access buttons to turn on/off something while viewing the camera feed would be awesome. Wyze kind of does this with the door bell cam and door lock but would like to see a customizable button to work with other cams to access smart plugs, lights, and switches.

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