Ideas for Wyze Cam V3

I would like to be able to look at my camera while activating a switch or running an automation like I have with Ewelink.

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This comment might n3VER age well…

@WyzeGwendolyn Something to mention to the team, I know it’s way to late to be suggesting V3 features when it’s already being announced this week, but one thing that would be great for to add in with the V3 at some point to make it open to a wider audience would be background audio capabilities to use it like a baby monitor.

Lots of people buy baby monitor cams so they can leave them running in the background audio on their phones while they do other things on it. Wyze app/cams don’t work this way, if you switch to another app, or turn off your screen, the entire connection to camera cuts out, making it a terrible baby monitor (so I had to buy a separate cam to use as a baby monitor). We can use 3rd party workarounds like TinyCam to keep audio from Wyze cams in the background, but that means giving another company our login credentials.

If Wyze programmed a background audio option, it would allow Wyze to disrupt the competitive baby cam industry and reach a much wider market especially for such an inexpensive option. Add crying detection/notification in there (as some other cams do) and it would be a huge hit. Wyze wouldn’t even have to change any of the hardware for these things, but it would enter Wyze into the $1.2 Billion baby monitoring market.

What makes you think a v3 cam is being released?

The bottom of their email last week hinted it.

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With all the problems some of us have had lately with the errors on Cam Plus is it possible to make bluetooth the next option for us or the ability to upload locally? This way if there is an issue we can blame ourselves or our connection but there are a lot of 3 second clips under event tabs that doesnt seem to be resolved. So I think that a bluetooth option would help some of us who have constant issues.

Is there any chance of the new v3 camera supporting webcam uploads to weather underground? I know with v2 there was only so much that could be done with the available memory for firmware, but if there was a way to do this to enable in settings, enter you wundergrond user and password, I think alot of us would love this and also would open up alot of business to existing weather station users looking to add a webcam as right now it isn’t too easy,

It would be AWESOME if one could access the wyze cam via bluetooth as well as wifi. I am imagining a situation where we will be out of cell range, and would still want to be able to see the camera feed (like if we are inside the camper, late at night… and hear noises outside), basically if there was a way to create and hold a LAN to the cameras without having to have an internet connection, that’d be fine. We would need all of it to run off 12volt, not household current, in these situations.

Also a motion-detect/auto-start recording function, with simultaneous alerting would be awesome. So for example, lets say the camper is in a location that does have cell service. We leave a phone in the camper that is the hotspot for the cameras. If one of them switches on and starts recording, the APP contacts us on our regular iPhones and tells us. This would be great when the rig is parked and we’re out for a walk to explore a town etc.

I would like to see an ambient temperature option on the Wyze Cam V3 that can be visible when viewing the feed much like the WYZE logo in advanced settings. Whether it is indoor/outdoor use I think this would be a nice added feature.


Having the v3 updates in a updated cam pan would be nice.

The v3 specs show wifi is still just 2.4GHz. I would like to see a higher end V3 maybe called premium or premier that is a little more expensive but with a 4K lense, 5GHz and maybe some other cool features at around 49.99! Fingers crossed!!!

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love that this topic is still under “maybe later.” seems like they should’ve been more truthful.

Not sure this is possible with hardware but perhaps it is with software.

The Wyzecam(s) should connect to my phone via bluetooth and auto turn-on when it realizes the connection is lost— i.e. I leave my apartment.

(I guess this depends on how big your house is)

Bluetooth would not be practical, it can disconnect even when you go to a different room in the same house.

Something like this, called “geofencing” is in the works though according to the AMA Wyze did recently. You should be able to set a GPS zone as your home and set a rule in your app to tell it to turn on your cam(s) whenever your phone leaves that zone.
I expect that to be available sometime next year.

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I thought about the issues with BT. The zone is a good idea— perhaps it links to Google/Apple maps.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check out their AMA.

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I would love to get the CamV3 for my exterior but no place to plug it in. It would be a nice to have one that is wireless.

Try seeing where the nearest interior plug is and measure how wire run would be. Then order a longer usb to mini usb. I ordered a 20’ one and drilled a hole big enough for plug to go outside right behind cam mounted nearest corner of top door trim. Then insert wire n fill both ends of hole with caulk. On inside I neatly ran white wire along inside white trim of door frame to bottom trim to nearest power.

If ur cam is near eve of roof u could drill into eve for power run to an attic power source.

You do have to have power somewhat nearby.

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I would like an option for an all black colored V3, the same as they did with V2.

Or you could also experiment with a solar panel to plug it in anywhere. (just make sure the panel is exposed to direct sunlight of course)

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