Ideas for Wyze Cam V3

It’s a minion! Just imagine the white replaced by yellow!

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In addition to WiFi connection, add capability for cellular network connection via Bluetooth connection to a nearby cellphone. This is for cases in which there’s no WiFi signals or cell phone hotspot connection (due to carriers plan restriction).

For the next stationary Cam having a wider viewing angle like 140degs would be great. When mounting on a ceiling where it has to be pointed down a little it can not view the entire room with the current angle. Or mounting it above a door you can’t see very far out currently if you want to have a package that’s on the ground in view too. The Amcrest UltraHD Shield 2K has a very good viewing angle for a stationary camera despite not being good at anything else…

New version of cam that will accept interchangeable lenses, similar to the recently release camera option for Raspberry Pi.

Example: Raspberry Pi announces $50 12-megapixel camera with interchangeable lenses - The Verge

Wyze you should start working on a new camera with an upgraded camera I would start on a 4K Camera. The reason I say this is because 1080p is getting old. If you start working on a 2K Camera and release it in 2 years it will probably be behind time. Please work on a V3 Camera that can be plugged in or battery operated. PIR sensor and can record 24/7 if plugged in. Also Indoor or Outdoor please!! You will be releasing your Outdoor Camera soon but I am almost 100% sure it will be 1080p. If you want to get ahead of everyone else we need 4K. I LOVE what you guys are doing!! Thank you so much and keep up the good work!!

WyzeCam Ethernet Data Support



Would be great if Wyze could come out with WiFi Outdoor Camera’s and also Solar WiFi Outdoor Camera’s to compete with current brands. It’s difficult to have so many apps for smart home, you’d like to keep them all under one umbrella.

Now it is 110 degree.
Can you make it more, 180 or close to it would be ideal for outdoor usage

Current cam though is HD but d image quality is not sharp During daylight but even worse when it’s in Low light or infra. So wish wyze cam can be Equipped with a Len that yield much better Higher quality ie sharper image even in Low light infra.

At a minimum…

  1. True 1080p 30 fps recording or better. Even at the the current 15 fps the bit rate is so low detail it is unacceptable. At 15 fps I don’t expect smooth motion but I do expect a lot clearer image. Even things that don’t move lack detail.
  2. Make it so I can access the cam with a PC… INCLUDING downloading the SD card actual files without removal of it. Not the “play it back and record the playback” stuff. I want the full quality actual files unaffected by WiFi speed and compression.
  3. Support for larger SD cards to handle the larger files generated by the higher quality.

A wanted but not expected item… Some type of OPTIONAL base station that could handle the WIFI for many cams. Not only have it handle or replace WiFi but also give it user up-gradable storage. This would take the load off regular WIFI network, and provide safe remote accessible storage.


When I was installing all my camera around my house, getting power was a problem. I didn’t want to drill holes through the walls to get access to a receptacle. I already have motion sensor lights all around my house. So instead of drilling holes in my walls, I took the 5v USB Power Supplies and soldered some leads to the prongs and insulated them. Then, I unbolted the motion sensor lights from my house and hooked my new leads across the motion sensor power leads, stuffing the USB Power Supply in the motion sensor connection box and running the USB cable around the the light and to the camera. Any chance you guys will be making a small power adapter that can be hardwired and fit inside a round lighting connection box any time soon? This really made my installation easier, plus I could reposition the camera easier.

I hope some of these ideas might be able to be integrated with Wyze Cam V3 ideas: Wyze Cam Outdoor V3 Ideas

I would love to see a true pet cam. Stationary and up to 360° with a much much better speaker and mike setup than the normal Wyze cam. I currently use 2 wyze cams to cover the bedroom and bathroom where I put my 2 dogs if I go out. But one is a puppy and twice now I had to rush home because she got into something, a better audio system that they can hear clearly enough to understand would be awesome. I did by 3 normal wyze cams and a tracking cam but some how lost or had stolen the motion cam and one of the normal ones, all in all the video is fine but the audio is not acceptable and I hope for improvements in the future.

Welcome to the community! they have a wyze cam pan if you want a camera that can rotate. There is an issue with the sound though.

I bought one but it disappeared along with one other basic Wyze cam, but the audio is my main concern. I am currently looking on Amazon for remote pet cams with better mikes and speakers.

Good morning. I love my cameras. I have 12 cameras now. I ordered the new outdoor camera which will make it 13. I was wondering if there is a development for a higher definition camera. I know the imagine looks awesome now. But once you zoom in it doesnt look great. I recently look at a playback of a video footage from a police camera that they used 4k and it blew me away.



I really enjoy using the Wyzecam as an outdoor time lapse camera, but since it wasn’t designed as such for that purpose and the video compression is so strong, that I am sometimes sad at the end results.

It would be great to see a purpose built version of the Wyze, or one with a different firmware with HIGHER QUALITY settings and optimized as a time lapse camera.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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I have an idea slash request. Can wyze cams be used to radar vehicle speeds on my street? Seems like something I could do manually by measuring the distance of what the camera sees and dividing that by the time it takes to travel that distance but I bet the geniuses at wyze could whip up an algorithm where users input the distance themselves and wyze spits out the speed of the vehicles going past my house. It would go a long way in ensuring our street was safe for children playing and people walking. I could then submit that information to the city and have them take action to make my street safer. I think this option would set wyze cams apart from the competition.

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