Ideas for Room Sensor v2

More advanced thermostat room sensors

So, the primary basis for this is to have began stylistically in that The thermostat looks good but the room sensors look like they come from a 1970’s science fiction movie. LCD? C’mon. So yeah, multi-color display that matches the thermostat is what I’d like; however, it is more than that. I’d like some direct interactivity with the thermostat such as being able to tap the screen (or something similar) to force it to adjust to the room that I am in either until I tap something else or the automatic timing changes to whatever is set for the default mode. Maybe even something like a double tap to override all timing modes and force it to use that room’s data as default until manually changed.

Or possibly just a secondary thermostat system that does everything the actual thermostat does but connects to the primary thermostat rather than needing to be connected itself (plus the ability to be the room sensor and controller of current room occupancy via having a motion sensor)

I’d be very willing to pay more for a more attractive, more intelligent room sensor.

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