I will not be buying Wyze again

I was going to get rid of my Ring door bell and replace it with a Wyze but this company is having far to many issues with updates and fixes that just create more issues within their cameras. My last update about two months ago locked up my V3 camera due to the update. I am done.


Wyze Move :grin:


I have a firmware update that arrived today - and I dare not install it because it is likely to break something!

I don’t think you will be the only one who will be leaving.

This is what the new firmware (for the v3 camera) and latest app update did for me and time lapse:

I saw there was a new firmware and so i did a firmware update for v3, updated the app (they both just came out), and when I clicked on download I didn’t get that message about being connected to the camera, and the download started…


BUT. Still doesn’t work. It gets to 100% and the app freezes. Force quit the app, and it shows you have to download it all again, try it and it freezes the app yet again. Sigh. Always gets to 100% but freezes the app.

Also, now though I can’t even play previously downloaded time lapse videos. Black screen with the time showing 0:00 for played and time left. If i try to take a picture from the camera view, that also locks up the app… between the firmware and app updates, they have broken WAY more than they attempted to fix.

So, still broken and i still cant download that time lapse that ive been trying to download for 3-4 days now… this sucks.

You are wise (no pun) to be done with them… that v3 was the last thing ill ever buy from this company… im done.

agree, sprinkler worked great last year now it will not connect. the time to look for a signal is too short - doubt if it searches 3 seconds

I had taken some updates on my cameras and had one turn into a non functional brick , Wyze replace it under warranty, so NO MORE UPDATES for my cameras.