I want only Cam Plus AI events in the Android Wyze Events List widget

Title says it all. I have filters set up in the app for the event list in the app, but that does not appear to carry over to the events list screen widget.

Is there something I’m missing?

You can disable sound recording in the cams event recording settings

It’s not just generic “sound” events, it’s any sound or motion event that is not a Cam Plus AI recognition that shows up in the Event List widget. The Widget does not appear to respect the filters in the Event List in the app.

Cam Plus AI events are in green text, and generic sound and motion events are in gray text. I’ve got a mixture of AI and non-AI events filling up the Event List widget.

A firmware update was released in a slow rollout a while ago, but it was since paused to do some issues. This update added the ability to disable the camera from saving events unless they have an AI tag, so filters won’t be necessary.

You can check in your event recording settings, but if you didn’t see it already then you probably didn’t receive the update in time. It should be available again soon though, so just keep an eye out for updates.


I’m on the current Cam Pan v3 firmware, but will keep an eye out for updates.