I updated my phone and I lost my camera

I updated my android today and it lost the camera. I tried restarting and I was logged out and now I can’t even log back in. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I know I have the correct info for log on entered.

Help, please!

Can you possibly reset the cam, and re-add (as if new)?

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It sounds like it’s an app problem rather than camera, right? You can’t log in?

Try deleting the app from your phone then reinstalling it.

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I’ve determined that if I was connected to a wifi that was not my home wifi it would not allow me to log in. Nor can I watch off of another wifi, I must me on data or perhaps its just the wifi that we have at work that does not allow me to do this.

Hola. Por favor, borra la aplicación y reinstálala desde el principio. también tienes que revisar que tu internet esté funcionando bien para que la cámara pueda leer el código, para que la apliación se conecte correctamente.