I think this is definitely a ghost

It flies by fast on screen but I saved it and slowed it down it looks like a face!

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Just a picture?? no video to view makes it hard to see what you saw…

Warm air current. Last I heard, “ghosts” weren’t heat generators.

A ghost:)

Kinda doubt there was anything in that room. Just saying

Maybe it’s just me, but I clearly see a face! :joy: I’m just saying…

Yep, definitely a ghost, I recognize it from watching episodes of Scooby Doo.


It’s not a ghost. For one if you had any idea how many ghost actually travel through and around a persons house or apt. Secondly, there has also been some sort of glitch going on with the Wyze cameras since the did the update and cause issues. And lastly, again consider yourself lucky you don’t see ghosts