I phone battery with WVOD1

I started to use a WYSE WVOD1 camera, with a base station. It works well. I wired the cameras to house power so I have no battery problems with the cameras. It is killing my phone battery. What am I doing wrong?
Charles P

Not sure what you are asking / doing. Are you monitoring video through the phone all day? If so, of course it will use up your battery…

So, how do I shut it off? I do not go on to look, the battery just goes down.

I had that issue once for a while. I turned off background refresh of the app on my iPhone. Logged out of the app, forced closed the app then logged back in. Problem has not come back .I have since turned the app background refresh back on and have had no issues again.

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Thanks. I just turned off the cellular data which ought to take care of it.
What is the travel mode? I have not tried it yet. I am away from the site most of the time. I have not put SD cards in the cameras yet, just in the base station.

Travel Mode: I have never used it.


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