I left my phone at work, and now

So, just realized I left my phone at work. That means I’ve suddenly no ‘remote’ control of any of my devices. There are scheduled events for groups - but it’d be nice if I could turn on/off a few of these.

Is there any way to control from a web page? Desktop (Linux) app or similar? Or am I doomed to either re-visit my office or wait until tomorrow.

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Borrow a tablet?

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Does Linux have any Android emulators? If does download Wyze app and login?


There isn’t any way to use a PC since there’s no web interface. As Glang243 mentioned, you can use any Android tablet, android phone, iPhone, or iPad. if you have one of those available, just install the app, log in to your account, and you’ll have all the same access you had on your phone.

Good idea!!

Gone through one already - didn’t work. I’ll post up when I find one that works.


Ah, found an old Asus Transformer, but seems it’s too old. When visiting the App Store, it’s not even an option to install.

Get on a regular computer and download an emulator. I believe the popular one most people use is called BlueStacks. you should be able to install the app on that and then control everything on your computer as if it were a bigger version of your phone

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Drive back to work? Your phone is an important part of your life nowadays, lol.


I listen to podcasts while I drive and they are saved on my phone. So when I get in my car and my phone doesn’t connect, I have a huge “no Bluetooth connection” reminder on the console that I left my phone somewhere.

Sometimes, however, when someone else has driven my car, the radio comes on instead of a podcast and I wonder what kind of primitive caveman has been using my car.

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Welp, phone is in hand - again. Right where I left it on the desk.

Thanks all for the ideas! One thing I’ve learned, the 'Droid emulators for Linux mostly “aren’t”. They’re for Ubuntu - getting things to work on a different distro can be, well, interesting.

One of my pet peeves: Same as back when Linux was anything “RedHat” - that’s not how it works and topic for a whole new thread, elsewhere.

Why can’t something be done so that we could access our Wyze devices on a PC or Apple computer? It can’t be that difficult to get done.

Bluestacks is an Android emulator for Windows and Mac. The Wyze mobile app works flawlessly on it no differently than on a tablet or phone. I also play Android Games and the CNBC app for their live TV Stream on Bluestacks. All of it is perfect and no cost.

Alternatively, enabling a direct web browser interface to a Wyze device could open up a multitude of security issues.

As noted, Bluestacks will let you run Android apps, and is available on both Windows and Mac.

Devices that can run Android apps can be had cheaply. Amazon sells their Fire 7 tablets as low as $30 at some points during the year, and after one adds Google Play support to them, they can run most Android apps that will run on Android 7.1.

Even if Wyze eventually came out with a web app or PC-specific app, that does nothing to address the large number of other devices that offer only a mobile app.

Check the wishlist area of the forum.
A Windows / Mac / Browser app is the most requested item by far.