I have floodlight and outdoor cam that has its own PIR (IR) motion sensor

My hope i s, these cams will not be part of the “must op in” to keep the 12 second vidoes.
this cams don’t have that crappy pixel motion. I don’t care what the motion its, cars, tree falling, cat, dog, door opening etc. I have this setup the way it works great. I get very few recordings, I have it set up so I can record a 12 second clip on 3 other in area cams. Cam plus don’t work for this. I don;t want it, I want the thing to work the way it is. If people don’t use these recordings, then just make it opt in. 70 percent are gone. I don’t like companies that make announcements with a ploy. I will not pay a monthly fee for this. Even free, its no good. If an airplane lands in the back yard. I want the 12 second clip. Your AI would not record that.